How to recover the SPID Poste Italiane

Do you have the SPID digital identity created through your PosteID di Poste Italiane but you have lost your credentials and you no longer know how to access your reserved area? If this is the case, you have nothing to fear! There are, in fact, many different methods to proceed with the recovery of the SPID.

If you have lost your password, for example, you can change it via the Poste Italiane website (or decide to use the certified mobile number ); same if you don’t remember the username. If, on the other hand, you do not remember the PosteID code, you have other options to delete the old one and replace it with a new code: the PosteID app, the website or the certified mobile number. In the next lines, therefore, you will find explained in detail how to recover the SPID Poste Italiane in all the cases mentioned above.


  • How to recover SPID Poste Italiane passwords
    • Web
    • Certified mobile
  • How to recover the SPID Poste Italiane username
    • Web
  • How to recover PosteID code
    • PosteID App
    • Web
    • Certified mobile

How to recover SPID Poste Italiane passwords

Have you lost the password to access the SPID of Poste Italiane ? No problem! Poste Italiane, in fact, provides its users with simple procedures to change the password they do not remember and replace it with a new one. Below you will find explained step by step how to proceed.


The first method to recover the password of your SPID-enabled PosteID code is to use the official Poste Italiane website. To proceed, then connect to the web page dedicated to the SPID-enabled PosteID and, under the heading Do you already have the SPID-enabled PosteID Digital Identity? , click on the blue link Forgot your username or password? .

Then, in the new page opened, put the check mark next to the item I want to reset the password and click on the Proceed button : now enter the User Name (which corresponds to the certified email address) and the security code in the appropriate fields , then press the Proceed button again .

Once this is done, open your certified e-mail box (the one corresponding to the e-mail address you entered earlier) and check for an e-mail from Poste Italiane . Inside you will find a useful link to set the new password: press on it and, in the new page you see open, enter the security code received via SMS on the certified mobile number and click on the Proceed button .

Now you just have to type a new secure password, confirm it and press the Change password button, to make the password replacement definitive. Done!

Certified mobile

The second method to recover, or rather, replace your lost password is to call the free number 800.007.777 through your certified mobile number. The service is active from Monday to Saturday, excluding holidays, from 08:00 to 20:00.

To proceed, dial the number in question, wait for the automatic system to answer and press key 2 to request assistance, then press key 1 to select the password recovery option. Keep in mind that the numbers to be dialed may change at any time: for this reason I advise you to carefully follow what the recorded voice says.

You will be put in contact with the digital assistant, to whom you will have to make your request explicit with simple words such as “Password recovery”. If everything went well, the digital assistant will inform you that an email containing the link to proceed with the password reset has been sent to your certified email address (the one you use as your username).

Once you have clicked on the link in the Poste Italiane email, you just have to follow the same instructions that I described in the previous chapter dedicated to recovery via the website. Simple, right?

How to recover the SPID Poste Italiane username

Don’t you remember your username, i.e. the email address used when registering the SPID-enabled PosteID digital identity? So, in that case, there is only one method you can use and that is to proceed with the recovery via the website. Find everything explained below.


To proceed, connect to the Poste Italiane web page dedicated to accessing the SPID and click on the Forgot username or password link under the item Do you already have the SPID-enabled PosteID Digital Identity?.

Then, on the page that opened, put the check mark next to the item I want to recover my username and click on the Proceed button , then enter the identification code of your PosteID that was provided to you during registration in the appropriate field.

If you don’t give where to look for it, check your e-mail addresses: during the SPID creation phase Poste Italiane sent you an email containing a PDF document (normally called KIT_SPID ) with all the data of your case (including username, so if you find the document in question you can leave the recovery procedure alone).

Once found and typed in the appropriate field, fill in the rest of the web page by entering the security code and finally pressing the Proceed button . Once this is done, you will receive an email on your certified email address containing your username. In this way you will have discovered how to recover SPID Poste Italiane credentials, since the username cannot be changed.

How to recover PosteID code

Don’t you remember the PosteID code directly, without which you can’t access the SPID digital identity? Then you can use three different methods to delete the old one and set a new one. In the next lines you will find everything explained in detail to definitively solve the problem of how to recover the SPID Poste Italiane.

PosteID App

The first thing you can do to proceed with the recovery of your PosteID is to use the official app of the service available for Android devices on the Play Store and iOS / iPadOS on the App Store. If you do not have it yet, you can follow the instructions in my specific tutorial on how to download the PosteID app where you will find all the necessary information.

Once downloaded on the device you use, start the app in question, then log in using the credentials of your SPID-enabled PosteID ( i.e. the certified email and the SPID password) and press the Login button. Once this is done you will receive an SMS with a security code on the certified mobile number and you will have to enter it in the new app screen that has opened.

After that, press the button Enter the app and press on the item not remember the PosteID code, then re-enter your access credentials and press the button Continue in the screen Delete PosteID code.

Then, enter the code received via SMS in the appropriate field, then press the Continue button, re-enter your access credentials, enter the new code received via SMS and, in the screen you see, set the new PosteID code by entering it in the appropriate fields.


As an alternative to the method described above, you can also use the Poste Italiane website to change your PosteID. To do this, connect to the official MyPoste web page, enter the credentials you normally use to access the MyPoste service (other than those relating to the SPID) and press the Login button.

Once inside the personal area, press the Manage profile button and then the Security tab: now scroll down the page to the Devices item, then press the Manage devices button and, finally, click the button twice consecutively Delete the PosteID code in correspondence with the devices from which you wish to delete it.

Now access the PosteID app via your certified mobile phone and, after entering your credentials, you will be asked to set a new PosteID code.

Certified mobile

The last useful method to recover the forgotten PosteID code is to request its cancellation by calling the toll-free number 800.007.777 (the same one used previously for recovering the password of the SPID-enabled PosteID) using your certified mobile phone.

At the time of writing, after making the call, you need to press the following numbers: 2, 2. Then wait a few seconds and wait for the digital assistant to contact you. At this point say the sentence “I want to delete the PosteID code” and then answer “Yes” to the assistant’s question regarding the cancellation and that’s it! Your old PosteID code has been removed from all connected devices.

Once deleted, at the first useful access to the PosteID app, you will be asked to enter a new code. Easy right? For further information, however, I suggest you take a look at my guide on how to recover PosteID code.

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