Fitness bracelet problems and solutions

Recently, fitness bracelets have gained tremendous popularity. Now you can hardly find at least one person who would never have heard of any Mi Band or Honor Band. It is not surprising: for a small cost, these gadgets offer a lot of cool functions: from banal watches to counting calories burned and measuring oxygen levels. Nevertheless, users regularly encounter various difficulties in their use. Today I propose to analyze the most popular problems of these gadgets and offer you solutions.


  • Why the fitness bracelet won’t connect to the phone
  • Fitness bracelet won’t charge
  • The fitness bracelet does not count steps. What to do
  • Why the fitness bracelet does not receive notifications
  • Why the fitness bracelet does not show the weather

Why the fitness bracelet won’t connect to the phone

There can be a lot of reasons why it is impossible to connect a fitness bracelet to a smartphone . Here are the most popular ones:

  • Bluetooth is turned off or does not work on the smartphone.
  • The battery is low on the fitness tracker.
  • Software glitch in a branded application.
  • Fitness tracker malfunction.

Start with the trivial: check if Bluetooth is enabled on your smartphone and try to connect other gadgets to your smartphone. For example, wireless headphones. So you can quickly check if bluetooth is working on your phone.

Given that most bracelets are usually bought on Aliexpress, it is possible that the bracelet is simply discharged. Before starting the connection, I recommend that you recharge the device a little so that the connection process goes smoothly.

Plus, it is important to know that a fitness bracelet is almost always connected via a proprietary application . Check it for updates and carefully read the instructions for your model. If the seller didn’t put it in the kit, find it online. Perhaps the answer lies there.

Fitness bracelet won’t charge

The most common reason the tracker won’t charge is if the contacts are not fully attached to the device . Make sure there are no obstacles between the bracelet and the charger.

Despite the fact that most fitness bands are waterproof , it is important to charge them dry. Do not charge the tracker after contact with water. Contacts can oxidize and become unusable. This is often the reason.

Manufacturers often say that their fitness bracelets are shockproof . But even the most secure gadget can break due to mechanical damage. Remember if you dropped the tracker from a great height or if it was exposed to other harmful influences.

It is possible that the charging wire or cube is broken. The cube can be taken from the phone, but with the wire it is more difficult. If you are using popular models of bracelets, try contacting a comrade or a specialized store and check if the cord is working properly.

If a special indicator on the gadget itself lights up, but the bracelet does not charge or is charging slowly , check the charging cube and the wire itself. Use only original accessories.

The fitness bracelet does not count steps. What to do

First, try going to a dedicated app and check your step settings. It is difficult to give a universal instruction, since all bracelets are different, but in general terms everything will look something like this:

  • Open the app on your smartphone.
  • Go to Profile.
  • Further Activity (Sports).
  • Then open the Pedometer (Walking) section.
  • See all parameters.

Also check the battery charge. When it is near zero, the pedometer function in the bracelet may not work properly or not work at all. Plus, the tracker can malfunction in high temperature and humidity conditions, which must be taken into account.

If everything is installed correctly, but the bracelet does not count steps , it is quite possible that the
application crashed. Try to pair the device again. Another option is to discharge the bracelet to the end and check how the gadget behaves after charging.

It is possible that the accelerometer or other components on the bracelet are broken. You won’t be able to replace it, so the only thing left for you is to buy a new tracker.

Why the fitness bracelet does not receive notifications

Wearable devices are often bought not for health chips, but for notifications. This is quite understandable: it is very convenient to view messages without taking your phone out of your pocket. But it often happens that notifications are simply not received on the fitness bracelet .

First of all, I recommend checking the application settings. This trick will help you find out why the bracelet does not display calls and does not receive notifications from VK, Telegram or other applications:

  • Go to the branded fitness bracelet application.
  • Make sure the tracker is connected to your smartphone.
  • Next, go to the Alerts (Notifications) section.
  • Then open the section with the notifications you need.
  • Check if the toggle switch is on opposite each of them.

Did not help? It is possible that the reason lies in the charging. The battery of the gadget could simply run out. In this case, you need to put the tracker on charge and see how it behaves in this case.

Please note that not all bracelets support the notification function. I have met several times with such gadgets that only worked with a limited number of programs: WhatsApp, Viber, Messages.

Why the fitness bracelet does not show the weather

Don’t underestimate the Fitness Tracker Weather app. Personally, I have long ceased to turn to a smartphone for this. As soon as I’m going to go outside, I always check the weather on the bracelet.

If the weather is not displayed on the fitness bracelet , the first thing you need to do is check the connection to your smartphone. If it didn’t work, I suggest the following method:

  • Open the bracelet app on your smartphone.
  • Tap on your tracker on the main screen of the program.
  • Go to Weather Settings (Weather).
  • Disable weather alerts.
  • Close the app completely and turn it back on.

Such a simple instruction will save you from problems with determining the weather once and for all. Please note that any application is not perfect and has its own errors. It is likely that the program simply crashed.

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