How to recover the QR code

QR codes are increasingly used and allow you to take advantage of various types of services. Apparently they look like codes without any meaning, but these now famous images made up of white spaces and black sections work like modern bar codes and are useful in many contexts.

For example, if you are now here and you are reading this tutorial, it is because you would like to understand how to retrieve the QR code of the Green Pass, which testifies to the vaccination or recovery from the COVID-19 disease, or to obtaining a result negative for a swab carried out; or maybe you need to find the QR codes of the CIE (electronic identity card) or to access WhatsApp from a computer.

Did I guess? Well, then, take a few minutes to carefully read the procedures that I am about to propose to you, because they will be able to respond precisely to these needs of yours. I assure you that everything is much simpler than you imagine!


  • How to recover the Green Pass QR code
    • App IO
    • Immune App
    • DGC website
    • Electronic Health Record
  • How to retrieve the QR code of the COVID vaccine reservation
  • How to recover the Electronic Identity Card QR code
  • How to recover WhatsApp QR code

How to recover the Green Pass QR code

The Green Pass QR code that testifies to vaccination, recovery or a negative swab for COVID-19 disease can be obtained through various institutional apps and online services: here they are in detail.

App IO

The IO app is the well-known application of public, local and national services, available on Android and iOS. By downloading it and logging in via SPID or CIE, it is possible to carry out various procedures, for example paying the Auto Stamp and obtaining the QR code of the Green Pass.

After you have downloaded and installed the app on your device (following the usual procedure ), you must log in using your SPID or CIE credentials following the instructions on the screen.

After logging in, the system may ask you to set up access via the biometric system, to make managing the services provided by the app even easier and more immediate: choose whether to accept or not and you will access the Messages section .

Simply scroll through the list on the screen to search for news from the Ministry of Health , with the words COVID-19 green certification . Tap the View button to access your Green Pass QR Code.

If you do not see any news related to the Green Certification, perhaps because you have archived it , go to the relevant tab of the IO app.

If you think you often go to areas where there may not be Internet coverage, I suggest you tap Save , at the bottom right, and then choose Save as image in the gallery , so you don’t have to log into the IO app to find your QR code and you can find it directly in the Gallery of your smartphone. Alternatively, you can also take a screenshot of the QR Code to achieve the same result.

For more information on how the IO app works, feel free to read my dedicated tutorial.

Immune App

Immuni is the app provided by the Ministry of Health, which can be downloaded for free on Android and iOS (in this case, make sure the device is updated to version 13.5). I warn you that to use it, however, you must be at least 14 years old and have the AUTHCODE code , provided by the Ministry of Health via SMS after receiving the anti-COVID vaccine.

Upon opening the application, some introductory screens will appear that explain what the app is and how it works. Tap Next three times and then tap the Let ‘s Get Started button . On the next screen, tap Next again after selecting the checkbox for I am at least 14 years old and I have read the privacy policy .

Enter the Region you live in by selecting it from the list provided by the application and then press the Next button at the bottom right. Now you have to choose the province of residence instead , select it and continue by tapping on Next .

Immuni uses Bluetooth Low Energy to keep track of your contacts with other users who have installed the app but do not access your location, so you can tap the Enable button when requested without too many worries: your personal data will not be collected and yours geographic location will not be shared with third parties.

On the next screen you can decide whether or not to activate the COVID-19 Exposure Notifications , i.e. the ability to notify you if you have been near users who have reported having contracted COVID-19. You can decide for yourself in this case by tapping Cancel if you do not want to receive notifications or Activate if you want to be notified.

Now that you have access to the main menu, choose the Eu Digital Covid Certificate item and then tap on Recover EU Digital Covid Certificate . You will then have to enter the Type of Code , by tapping on the drop-down menu and choosing AUTHCODE . Fill in the fields below with the code provided by the Ministry of Health via SMS, the last 8 digits of the Health Card and the expiry date of the latter, then tap Confirm .

If all the data is correct, you will see the Green Pass QR code on the next screen, however, keep in mind that unlike other applications and services, you will not be able to take screenshots or save the document on your device due to limitations imposed by the developers of the Immuni app.

For more information on how the Immuni app works, feel free to read my dedicated tutorial.

DGC website

The DGC government website was created to provide all the information on the COVID-19 green certification, in order to facilitate travel on the European territory and ensure greater safety for all Italian citizens.

To retrieve your Green Pass QR code, then go to the official website and, in the area on the right under the heading On this site via , log in by clicking on Health Card or digital identity ( SPID or CIE ), depending on the method of identification you prefer.

After completing the identification procedure, you will find yourself on the page that reads Get the COVID-19 Green Certification , click on the drop-down menu under Certification language and choose the one that’s right for you (those in Italian – English, Italian – are available. English – German and Italian – English – French). Then press Retrieve certification and you will be provided with all the data below, such as the vaccination date, the AUTHCODE and, under Download PDF , the button to download the Green Pass. Click on the icon to get the PDF with the QR code.

If you want to always have the file with you but you don’t know how to share it on your smartphone, I invite you to read my guide on how to transfer files from PC to phone.

Electronic Health Record

The Electronic Health Record is a digital system for accessing all your health information. Each region has its own specific website, so before proceeding I invite you to go to the official government website and click on the link for your region of residence.

In the tutorial I will take as an example that of the Emilia Romagna region , however the access methods are very similar for the various Italian regions and all require the SPID . Then proceed by selecting Enter with SPID and, from the drop-down menu, choose your service.

After logging in, you will find yourself in your personal area and, to find the QR code of the COVID-19 Digital Certificate, you must click on the My documents button . In the list below, identify the item COVID-19 Digital Certificate and click on Download document to start downloading the file in PDF format that contains the QR code of the Green Pass.

How to retrieve the QR code of the COVID vaccine reservation

As for the QR code of the COVID vaccine booking , you should know that not all Italian regions use this system. Some, such as the Emilia Romagna Region, only provide documents with the data of who must receive the vaccine, to be presented upon acceptance of the vaccination HUB .

The Lombardy region , on the other hand, guarantees this type of service and if you live there, you can access the official website and click on the Book the COVID-19 vaccine button . However, remember that to proceed and obtain the QR code, you will need to enter your health card number and your tax code , continuing with specific information that allows the system to identify you as entitled to the vaccine as a resident of the Lombardy region.

In short, for more detailed information, I recommend that you carry out a specific Google search for your region or contact the local authorities in charge.

How to recover the Electronic Identity Card QR code

The Electronic Identity Card , also known by the acronym CIE , allows you to access a large number of government sites and, if you do not have a SPID, it can be the best solution to take advantage of the services made available to the citizen.

To make the most of it, you need to download the free CieID app for Android or iOS, thanks to which you can scan QR codes for identification, as long as you have a device equipped with an NFC chip.

To log in to the application you will need the CIE , the four-digit PIN that was given to you when you applied for the card and the additional four digits assigned with your electronic card. It may seem a complex procedure but do not worry, I will explain in detail all the steps in my tutorial dedicated to the matter.

How to recover WhatsApp QR code

WhatsApp also has QR codes and you can use them for two different purposes: the one in your profile is used to immediately add you as a contact by the person who is scanning it, while the one on the WhatsApp Web site is used to access the service from a browser via PC.

By entering the app you can access the QR of your profile: by tapping on the three vertical dots at the top right and tapping the Settings item (or directly on the Settings tab , at the bottom right, on the iPhone) you will access the personal area, then, to the right of your name, you find the QR code icon. By tapping it, you can show the code to anyone who wants to add you as a contact.

If, on the other hand, you want to use the PC version of WhatsApp (whether it is WhatsApp Web or the client for Windows or macOS) you can access the code scan menu from the app settings on your smartphone, by going to Connected devices.

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