How to block apps on Samsung

You are a type who cares a lot about their privacy, especially if it is your Samsung smartphone, yet it is not uncommon to find yourself lending it. Whenever you do this, you always try to observe his every movement, to avoid poking his nose into your private things, such as WhatsApp chats or in the Gallery containing your photos.

Your smartphone is already protected by a PIN or a biometric unlock and you are wondering if there was a quick and easy way to take advantage of these security systems even when opening apps, in order to protect the ones you prefer. You are not very technological and you have no idea how to do it.

Would you like me to help you understand how to block applications on Samsung so that you can lend your smartphone without fear? No problem, you’ve come to the right place at the right time. In the course of this tutorial I’ll show you how to block applications via PIN or biometric system (fingerprint or face recognition), so take five minutes, get comfortable and start reading the next paragraphs. Enjoy the reading!


  • How to block apps on Samsung
  • How to block application installation on Samsung
  • How to block Android application updates on Samsung

How to block apps on Samsung

On your new Samsung smartphone there are several applications that could reveal sensitive information or that you simply don’t want them to be freely accessible to everyone, such as the email app, WhatsApp or the Gallery with all your photos. For this reason you would like to understand how to lock applications on Samsung , so that only you can open them after entering an unlock code or using biometric unlocking, if it is present on your Samsung smartphone.

Don’t worry, I understand your point of view very well; so I would say not to waste any more time and start immediately to see how to operate. You should know that your Samsung smartphone is already equipped with a native function for this purpose, so it will be really easy to activate it. The indications are valid a little for all the devices of the Korean house, so that you want to know how to block apps on Samsung A51 or any other model, you will easily succeed in your intent.

So, first take your device and enter the Settings app , usually recognizable by the icon of a gear. Among the different items present, tap on the item Advanced functions , then scroll down and tap on the item Block application .

On the screen relating to the Application Lock function, by setting the lever at the top to ON and, after a few seconds, a screen will appear asking you to choose a type of lock to set, where you can choose between Sign, PIN or Password . Choose the one you prefer (try not to forget it), and once selected, you can also decide to enable, or not, authentication via Face or Fingerprint .

After setting the type of block you prefer, you will finally have access to a list with all the apps installed on your device. To block one, all you have to do is set the lever next to the name of each individual app to ON . To test that the lock works, go back to the main screen of your device and try to open the app in question: before opening, the system will ask you for authentication via PIN, password, pattern or biometric authentication, depending on the option to be used. you selected previously.

How do you say? Have you changed your mind and would like to unlock the app ? No problem, you just have to follow the same instructions I gave you previously, enter the PIN, password or sequence to confirm access and set the lever next to the name of the app you don’t want to OFF more than the block is active. Easy right?

How to block application installation on Samsung

It often happens that you give your Samsung smartphone to your child or grandchild and when you take it back you find yourself with tons of apps and games installed without your consent. This thing bothers you particularly, since often these are also apps that are not really recommendable, perhaps full of advertisements that could also hide malware.

To solve this problem you need to understand how to block application installation on Samsung , in order to block the possibility of installing applications without your consent from the start.

As you probably already know, to be able to install apps and games on your Samsung smartphone you can use the Google Play Store or the Galaxy Store , the latter being an app store available exclusively for Samsung smartphones. To prevent anyone from installing the apps without your consent, my advice is to block access to these two apps by using the App Lock feature present by default within your Samsung smartphone. To be able to take advantage of this function, all you have to do is enable it, exactly as I showed you in the previous chapter.

Subsequently, once enabled, all you have to do is set the lever relating to the Galaxy Store and Play Store apps in the app list to ON . Now, whenever someone tries to access these two apps, they will necessarily have to enter the PIN, password, a pattern or use the unlock via biometric authentication.

How to block Android application updates on Samsung

You are almost always on the go, so your smartphone is almost always connected to your SIM data network. You have recently noticed that the anomalous consumption of the amount of GB made available by your tariff plan comes from the Play Store, which probably updates all installed applications in the background, as soon as an update is available for download.

Since you are often away from home, you want to avoid running out of GB for your data network, so you would like to understand how to block Android application updates on Samsung , right? No problem, I’m here ready to help you.

The first thing you need to do is open the Google Play Store and tap on the avatar of your Google account at the top right. From the compare menu, tap on the Settings item and then tap on the Network preferences item , which will open a submenu with some items: in this case, tap on the Automatic app update item . From the pop-up menu, choose the Only via Wi-Fi option , to enable updates only when connected to a Wi-Fi network, or Do not automatically update apps , so you can manually act when you want.

Now that you’re done on the Play Store, you need to do the same thing on the Galaxy Store too , which is the second app store on your Samsung smartphone. Find the Galaxy Store app in the list of apps on your smartphone and open it by tapping on it. From the main screen, tap the Menu button at the bottom right and then tap on the Settings icon , recognizable by the gear icon, located at the top right. Now you just have to tap on the Automatic app update item and from the selection menu that appears on the screen, choose between the options Never or Only with Wi-Fi .

Mission accomplished! Now your smartphone will no longer consume your GB “secretly”, in fact it will no longer be able to update apps automatically via the cellular network, but will only be able to do so when it detects a Wi-Fi connection or you have to manually update the apps yourself .

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