FastStone Image Viewer – image viewer and editor

FastStone Image Viewer is a freeware for viewing, organizing, editing and converting images. In addition to the convenient viewing function, the program has the necessary tools for working with images.

FastStone Image Viewer has built-in image manager functions to organize the storage of graphic files on your computer. FastStone Image Viewer is free for non-commercial use.

The FastStone Image Viewer photo viewer has many useful features, it works fast, the application has a simple and intuitive interface, easy navigation using the keyboard.

Main features of FastStone Image Viewer:

  • support for major graphic formats;
  • image editing;
  • full-screen view with pop-up menu;
  • applying effects to the image;
  • image comparison;
  • scaling and cropping;
  • batch image processing;
  • batch conversion (conversion) of images to other graphic formats;
  • create slideshows with over 150 transition effects and background music;
  • scanner support.

In FastStone Image Viewer, you can perform the necessary actions with photos: crop, rotate, resize images, reduce red-eye, correct colors and lighting, set sharpness or blur, add a watermark, apply effects (emboss, sketch, oil painting , lens), add a stencil or frame, batch rename or convert graphic files, and more.

FastStone Image Viewer opens the following graphic formats:


Saved in formats:


The program supports various types of RAW format for popular cameras:


All operations for changing image parameters are carried out in separate windows. You can immediately see the result, and if necessary, undo the changes.

You can download FastStone Image Viewer from the official website of the manufacturer, FastStone Soft. The download page contains a regular version of the program, which is installed on a computer, and a portable version (portable), which does not need to be installed on a computer. The portable version of the application can be run from a computer or removable media, such as a USB flash drive.

The FastStone Image Viewer program works in the Windows operating system in Russian.

FastStone Image Viewer Interface

At the top of the window of the main FastStone Image Viewer program is a menu bar for managing all actions in the program. Below the menu bar is the toolbar, with the most popular tools needed to work in the application. Calling the necessary functions is carried out by pressing the corresponding buttons.

On the left is a folder tree, reminiscent of Windows Explorer. Below the folder tree is the preview area.

Most of the window is occupied by an area in which the contents of the currently open folder are displayed.

FastStone Image Viewer Settings

Entering the FastStone Image Viewer program settings is carried out from the “Settings” menu, or using the F12 key. Here you can change the default settings of the program: change file associations, adjust the magnification of the Magnifier, change the settings for saving files in JPEG format, etc.

You can add the item “Browse in FastStone” to the Explorer context menu. To do this, enter the program settings (F12), in the “Settings” window, open the “Associations” tab, check the box next to “Add “Browse to FastStone” item in the Windows Explorer menu”.

Full screen mode in FastStone Image Viewer

After switching to full-screen mode (the “Full screen” context menu item), it becomes possible to view individual images on the entire screen. In this mode, all the features of the program for editing, sorting and processing photos are available.

Move the mouse cursor to the edge of the monitor screen to access the desired functions (in each part of the edge of the screen, separate program controls will pop up).

With the Loupe tool, you can magnify a specific area of ​​an image for a closer view.

Taking a screenshot in FastStone Image Viewer

With FastStone Image Viewer, you can take screenshots (screenshots) without the help of other programs. The Screen Capture function is accessed from the File menu, or by clicking the Screen Capture button on the toolbar.

Select the desired context menu item:

  • Capture the active window – a screenshot of the active window will be taken.
  • Window/object capture – will capture the window or object in the active window, which is highlighted with a red frame when the mouse cursor is moved.
  • Rectangular Area Capture – Capture an arbitrary rectangular area on the monitor screen.
  • Capturing an arbitrary area – capturing an arbitrary area on the monitor screen, which is selected by the mouse cursor.
  • Full Screen Capture – A screenshot of the entire screen.

Choose a save location:

  • Viewer – By default, the file opens in FastStone Image Viewer.
  • Save to clipboard – the file is saved to the clipboard, from where it can be pasted into a program or document.
  • Save to file — the screenshot is saved to a file on your computer.

Slideshow in FastStone Image Viewer

Create a slideshow in FastStone Image Viewer to be played using the program, or a slideshow in an EXE file to view photos later without using the program.

First, we will create a slide show for viewing in the Fast Stone Image Viewer window.

On the toolbar, click the Slideshow button. In the Slideshow window, select the desired settings.

If you do not need information about image files, uncheck the box next to “Show text (name, date / time and EXIF)”. Customize the playback order (autoplay, shuffle, repeat in a circle, autoplay in folders).

Add music. Check the box next to “Music”, and then click on the button that appears.

In the “Settings” window, in the “Music” tab, using the “Add” button, select an audio file (or several audio files) from your computer. The program supports the following audio formats: MP3, WAV, MIDI, WMA.

Use the Up or Down buttons to place the audio files in the desired order.

Click on the button to select effects. Select the desired effects, their duration, see how it looks in the preview window.

If necessary, customize the display of text in the slideshow.

After completing the settings, click on the “Start” button to automatically view the slides.

Creating a slideshow file in FastStone Image Viewer

Enter the “Create” menu, click on the context menu item “Create slideshow file”.

In the Create Slideshow File window, use the Add Files or Add Folders buttons to add images or image folders.

Add music, desired effects, customize the display of images according to your preferences.

You can create an initial window to run the file. In the initial window, add a title, description, select a cover photo, add, if necessary, the “List” and “Export” buttons.

Next, click on the “Create” button.

The slideshow file will be saved to your computer with the selected name. To start playing the slideshow, click on the EXE file, and then click on the “Play” button in the initial window.

Article Conclusions

The free FastStone Image Viewer is designed to view, edit and convert images. The application performs the necessary actions for organizing photos, editing images, batch processing, converting image files to other graphic formats, the program supports creating slide shows.

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