How Messenger works without Facebook

Do you find that the Facebook app is too heavy for your smartphone, are you exasperated by the notifications you continuously receive from it, but you don’t have the courage to uninstall it because you are afraid of losing access to Messenger chats ? If so, I am happy to inform you that your fears are unfounded.

In this tutorial, in fact, I will explain how Messenger works without Facebook : I will show you, in detail, how to use the messaging system of the most famous social network in the world from smartphones, tablets and PCs without necessarily having to use the Facebook app or its official website.

That said, take a few minutes of free time, sit down comfortably and keep the smartphone, tablet or PC on which you want to use Messenger chat close at hand. I assure you that by carefully reading the instructions I am about to give you and putting them into practice you will be able to fully use Messenger by getting rid of the Facebook app and website. At this point I just have to wish you good reading and good conversations with your friends in chat!


  • How Messenger works without Facebook from smartphones and tablets
    • Android
    • iOS / iPadOS
  • How Messenger works without Facebook from PC
    • Messenger application

How Messenger works without Facebook from smartphones and tablets

Before explaining how Messenger works without Facebook , I must let you know that, on your smartphone and tablet, you can make use of the chat of the Meta group social network using the Messenger app for Android and iOS / iPadOS .

The Messenger app allows you to chat with your Facebook friends via text and multimedia messages, as well as make calls and video calls. However, to be used it necessarily requires you to log in with your Facebook account. This means that you can use Messenger without the Facebook app, but not without an account of this social network . At the most, if you really don’t want to authenticate with your Facebook account, you can think of creating a secondary one and assigning it to Messenger.

Having said that, follow the instructions I am about to give you, to find out how to use the most important features of Messenger on smartphones and tablets.


To use Messenger on Android you must start the app previously downloaded on your device : you can download it from the Play Store, by pressing the Install button , or, if your device is not equipped with Google services, you can download it through alternative stores.

Once this is done, on the main screen, log in to your Facebook account , typing your phone number or e-mail address and password in the text fields that are shown to you, then press the Login button .

Now you can start chatting with your Facebook friends: the list of active people is shown in the People section . In this regard, to adjust the Messenger privacy settings, for example to be offline, you have to press on your profile icon , in order to deactivate the activity status which, with a reciprocity constraint, allows you not to be seen online. from your contacts.

Instead, through the Chat tab , you can see active conversations, so you can resume them at any time. To start messaging with a user, tap on their name to open the private chat screen.

Through Messenger you can send text or multimedia messages, using the icons located in the bottom menu of the private chat: for example the microphone icon is used to send a voice message while through the camera icon or the picture , you can send photos and / or video. If, on the other hand, you want to make calls or video calls, press the handset icon or the video camera icon .

Finally, if you need more information on how a specific Messenger feature works, check out my other tutorials I made on the subject.

iOS / iPadOS

Do you want to use the Messenger app on your iPhone or iPad ? In this case, to do so you must first download the app dedicated to Facebook chat on your device.

Go, therefore, to the iOS / iPadOS App Store , locate the app via the search engine (or visit this link directly ) and press the Get button , confirming the download and installation via Face ID , Touch ID or by typing your Apple ID password . In case of doubts or problems, refer to my tutorial where I explain how to install Messenger.

After downloading it, launch the app and log into your Facebook account, typing your login information as you usually do.

As for how it works, the Messenger app for iPhone and iPad has the exact same features as the Android app : therefore, through the Chat tab or the People section you can respectively see the active conversations, in order to start chatting with a Facebook friend, or view the list of active users.

In case of doubts or problems, refer to the information I gave you in the previous chapter, or consult my other tutorials dedicated to specific Messenger features.

How Messenger works without Facebook from PC

Would you like to use Messenger without Facebook from your PC ? If so, you’ll be happy to know that you have two options: take advantage of , the official Facebook chat website that is unbundled from the News Feed, or download and use the Messenger application for Windows 10 and later, or the one for macOS. In the next chapters I’ll explain in detail how it works; then read on to find out more.

To use Messenger from a PC , you can connect to the official Messenger website , in order to use the Facebook chat directly from your browser , without the distractions of the News Feed of the Meta group social network.

Having said that, to start, on the main screen of first log into your account, typing the login data of your Facebook account in the text fields that are shown to you, then pressing the Login button .

At this point, you will be able to view all active conversations with Facebook users and start chatting with your friends by clicking on their names. Also through you can send text or multimedia messages, using the text field located below and possibly send photos and / or videos ( the multimedia gallery icon ). In addition, you can also make calls and video calls by pressing the handset icon or the video camera icon respectively .

Finally, if you wish, you can also adjust your privacy settings via , by activating or deactivating the activity status in the Preferences menu , so as to be online or offline on Messenger.

In this regard, in case of doubts or problems, read my tutorial in which I explain to you in detail how to use Messenger without downloading it .

Messenger application

To use Messenger on PC you can also use its application for Windows and macOS . All you have to do is log into your Facebook account, so you can see previously active conversations with your social network friends and start chatting with them by clicking on their names.

The functionalities of the Messenger application for Windows and macOS are the same as the web version: you can then send text and multimedia messages, make calls and video calls over the Internet and adjust the privacy settings, to activate or deactivate the activity status , via the Preferences menu .

In case of doubts or problems, therefore, refer to the information I gave you in the previous chapter.

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