How to privatize friends on Facebook

Browsing from a public PC, you noticed that the list of your Facebook friends is visible to everyone and, in addition to this, also all your contents, such as posts, are visible to anyone who is not among your friends of this social network . It’s not exactly the best from a privacy point of view, I understand it well, but don’t worry because there is a quick and easy way to remedy the problem.


In today’s guide, in fact, I will show you in detail all the procedures you need to put into practice on how to privatize friends on Facebook , so as to protect your privacy. Specifically, I will explain how to do this to hide your profile, your content and even your friends list.


Can’t wait to get started, am I right? Then let’s get to work right away! All you have to do is sit down comfortably and dedicate only a few minutes of your free time to me! I’m sure you will find all the information you need to be able to reach your goal. Having said that, I just have to wish you a good read!




·         How to privatize your Facebook friends list


·         How to privatize the profile to Facebook friends


·         How to privatize Facebook content to friends


How to privatize your Facebook friends list



If your goal is to hide your friends list by changing your privacy settings, what you need to do is to carefully follow all the instructions I am about to give you, through which you can easily privatize your Facebook friends list so that only you, only friends or some people designated by you can see it.


To do this, from smartphones and tablets , start the Facebook app and then press the menu icon on its main screen. At this point, click on the gear icon and then on the item How can people find you and contact you . Then you just have to press on the item Who can see your friends list? and change your privacy settings.


In order for no one, other than your Facebook friends, to see your friends list, you need to choose a privacy setting other than Everyone . You can then select Friends , Friends except (i.e. exclude some users), Specific friends (only some friends), Only me (i.e. only you can see it, excluding any Facebook users) or Custom (i.e. specific users or lists).


If you want to act as a PC , go to the Facebook website , press the icon at the top and select the Settings and privacy> Settings items . Using the sidebar, click on the Privacy tab and then click on the Edit button next to the word Who can see your friends list? . You just have to choose one of the privacy options that I indicated in the previous paragraph.


How to privatize the profile to Facebook friends



Are you tired of your Facebook profile information being visible to everyone and would you like to limit it to your friends only? In this case, you must act on every single piece of information in your bio and modify its privacy. Let’s see together how to proceed.


On smartphones and tablets, start the Facebook app and press first on the menu icon and then on the gear icon that you find on the main screen of the aforementioned app.


At this point, click on the items Personal and account information> Contact information and, in the Information tab, adjust the privacy of your e-mail and your phone number . By pressing on the Profile information item , you will find all the information about work , place where you live etc .: by acting on the privacy menu for each of them, select an option other than All to limit the display.


If you use Facebook through the web platform , click on the icon at the top right and then press on the Settings and privacy> Settings items . Now, click on the Privacy side tab and click on Manage your profile . You will then be listed all the information of your profile: use the share icon to limit the privacy on each element of your biography.


How to privatize Facebook content to friends



If you want to make sure that what you post on your Facebook profile is visible only to your friends or a small circle, what you need to do is change the privacy in the Facebook settings.


If you work from a smartphone and tablet , start the Facebook app and press the menu icon that you find on the main screen of this social network. Now, using the gear icon , reach the Audience and visibility section and press on the Post item .


To ensure that the posts you publish are limited to a small circle and not visible to all Facebook users, click on the item Who can see your future posts? and then on the Try now button . In the section about creating a post, use the drop-down menu at the top to choose your audience: to not make posts public to everyone, select any option other than Everyone .


You can also limit the privacy of stories and reels by selecting the corresponding items Who can see your stories? and Who can see your future reels? also in this case choosing any option other than All .


You have now changed the privacy settings for any future content. To change them even in past posts, select the item Limit who can see old posts and then tap the Limit past posts button twice in a row.


Through the Facebook web platform from a PC , on the other hand, to perform the exact same operations that I illustrated in the previous paragraphs, click on the icon at the top and then on the Settings and privacy> Settings items . Now, click on the Privacy tab in the sidebar and act on the same items that I indicated in the previous lines, which you find in the Your activities section .




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