How do I see who follows me on Instagram

After hearing so much about it from all your friends, you finally made up your mind and signed up to Instagram . Taken by the enthusiasm, you have published several photos and some videos, obtaining an unexpected success and, consequently, a fair number of followers. being still inexperienced about how this popular social network works, you would like to know more about who the people who follow you are.

How do you say? Things are healthy this way and, therefore, you wonder how I can see who follows me on Instagram ? In this case, don’t worry: in this tutorial I will explain how to do this both from a smartphone, using the official social network app, and from a PC, using the Web version of Instagram or its application for Windows.

In all cases you do not have to worry, it is a very simple operation to perform. Then? How about finally putting the chatter aside and taking action? Yup? Great. Find everything explained below. Happy reading and have fun!


  • How to find out who follows me on Instagram
  • Android / iOS
  • PC
  • How can I see who does not follow me on Instagram
  • Application to see who follows me on Instagram

How to find out who follows me on Instagram

Since you wonder how I can see who follows me on Instagram , let me explain how to do this from a smartphone , using the social network app for Android (also downloadable from alternative stores ) and iPhone , and from a computer , using the official website of the social network or its [Windows application] (https: // www . ).

Android / iOS

To see who follows you on Instagram from your smartphone , start the social network app and log into your account if necessary.

Once this is done, go to the section of your profile by pressing on the thumbnail of the same located in the lower right corner; then press on the number of people who follow you ( Followers ), in order to browse the complete list of the same.

At this point, if the list is very long, you can search for a specific user, to see if he is among those who follow you: then type his username in the appropriate text field that you see: if present it means, precisely , who follows you on Instagram.


Even from a computer you can manage to see who follows you on Instagram in an equally simple way. All you have to do, in fact, is connect to the official Instagram website or log in via the social network application for Windows.

At this point, in both cases, press on your profile photo , located in the upper right corner, and then on the number of people who follow you, in correspondence with the word Follower : you will see the complete list of all those who follow you on Instagram.

Unfortunately, on the computer , there is no search engine for followers, so if you are looking for a specific person, you can only scroll through the list to see if there is a name of your interest.

How can I see who does not follow me on Instagram

Would you like to know who doesn’t follow you on Instagram ? In this case you must take into consideration what has been said in the previous chapters , going to view the list of people who follow you on the social network, from smartphone or computer .

By exclusion, in fact, if a person is not present in the list of your followers it means that he does not follow you on Instagram. If you want further confirmation of this, all you have to do is repeat the operations indicated in the previous chapters, going to view the people followed on the profile of the person of your interest.

In this specific case, in fact, you have to press on the number of people followed , in correspondence with the item Followed (by smartphone ) or Profiles followed by computer.

Then scroll through the list of people below or use the search engine available on your smartphone to search for your username on Instagram: if it is not present in the list of people below, it clearly means that that user does not. follows on Instagram.

If you have any doubts or problems, refer to my in-depth tutorial on how to see who no longer follows you on Instagram .

Application to see who follows me on Instagram

The official Instagram solution I told you about in this guide of mine did not satisfy you and, therefore, you wonder if there are apps to see who follows you on Instagram ?

In this case I must inform you that there are no such solutions, as the social network allows you to directly see the list of your followers and this section is accessible to everyone, without any limitation.

Therefore, stay away from potential third-party apps that allow this information to be shown, as they require you to log in to your profile and doing so could jeopardize the privacy of your account.


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