How to Play It Takes Two with a Friend on PC

Even if you are not a fan of copper adventures, you still definitely heard about It Takes Two – almost the main discovery of the last year, which collected an unimaginable number of awards for such a project .
For those who finally decided to get acquainted, we tell you how to kill yourself from one and different devices, whether it is possible to complete the project on one keyboard and how to play online together, paying for just one copy.

How to play It Takes Two from one PC

Let’s start right away with the sad news: you won’t be able to play on the same keyboard and mouse (as in the good old days). And even if you have a spare set at home, the game will still not allow you to select an additional keyboard as a second input device.
In other words, to play behind one screen, one of the co-players must have a gamepad in store. Any controller is suitable – from PlayStation 4 or 5, from Xbox 360 (or later generations) and even Pro for Switch, as well as any budget option that mimics these devices and is recognized by Steam (the latter is relevant for those who bought the game in this store) .
So, to play on one PC, you need:
  1. Select “Local Play” from the main menu.
  2. When starting a new game, you just need to confirm the selection of devices using the  Enter key or the  A or X buttons (depending on the controller). If you are loading a save, then at this stage you will also need to select your character.

How to play It Takes Two on different devices

Method 1 – Built-in network game

You don’t have to buy two copies of the game to play together – just one is enough. True, there is a nuance – it should be bought from the one whose PC is more powerful, since it will be he who will host the game. If the first player has weak hardware, then the FPS will sag for everyone.
There is no cross-platform in It Takes Two, that is, playing on a PC with the owner of the console will not work.
  1. The host player downloads the full version of the game from the library, and the friend must download the free version.
This is what the friend version looks like in the Steam store
  1. Before starting the game, sign in to your Origin accounts and make sure you are friends with each other. 
  2. Start the game. The host player must select the “Online Play” option from the main menu.
  3. Click on notifications and click on the  “Invite a friend” option at the bottom of the screen .
  4. The Origin overlay will open, where in the list of friends you should right-click on the one you need and select  “Invite to game”.
  5. It’s player number two’s turn to act – accept the invitation. Now you need to wait for the loading and the moment when the name of the second player is displayed in the lobby.
  6. Click on “Start”.
Method 2 – Remote Play Together
If for some reason your friend doesn’t want to sign up for an Origin account, or doesn’t have enough disk space to play the game, that’s okay – Valve’s platform offers the ability to simulate a “hotsit” for players using the Remote Play Together feature.
What you need to do to play this way:
  1. Start the game.
  2. Open the Steam overlay (Shift+Tab).
  3. Find the desired friend in the list, right-click on him and select “Invite to Remote Play”.
  4. Wait for a message that your friend has connected.
  5. Further, the same instructions apply as when playing on a single PC.

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