How to fix Valorant Val 9 error?

The Val 9 error in Valorant is not entirely clear cut. For some, it appears every time, while for others it alternates with many other errors. For some users, the error appears due to the unavailability of servers and switching to another region saves them. Some players have been unable to log into the game for months, although this is rare. It can be concluded that the cause can be both an external problem and a failure on the part of the user.

How to fix VAL 9 error in Valorant?

It is worth trying the following solutions, which were written about in various Reddit threads. So far this is all that really works. And typical fixes can and can work, but the chances are low.

What should be done:

  • Install VPN and switch to another region. Since the error often appears due to technical work, you just have to wait for failures on another server. Then everything will work fine. At least there are good chances for that.
  • Launch the game while connected to a mobile hotspot. You need to try to enter the game and at that moment switch to the Wi-Fi that you distribute from your phone (of course, with a connection to the mobile network). As soon as Valorant is launched, you can return to your fixed network.
  • Hard reinstall. It is important not only to uninstall Valorant, but also to clear all game files that are stored on the computer. Only after that you need to start the installation again.

If nothing works, all that remains is to contact Valorant technical support. Perhaps your account or IP-address was banned by a ridiculous accident and the support will help you.

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