How to fix “Connection lost” error in MultiVersus?

Some players on the network claim that they cannot properly play the recently released MultiVersus, and all because the message “Connection lost” appears in front of them every now and then. This problem can be solved in a variety of ways – and today we will consider them!


  • Solving the “Connection Lost” Error in MultiVersus
    • Decision #1 Waiting
    • Solution #2 Checking the integrity of game files
    • Solution #3 Checking the network connection
    • Solution #4 Using a VPN

Solving the “Connection Lost” Error in MultiVersus

Decision #1 Waiting

Periodically, MultiVersus game servers will fail. In this case, the players have no choice but to observe the status of the servers ; you need to wait for the solution of the problem that has arisen by the developers themselves from Player First Games.

Solution #2 Checking the integrity of game files

Sometimes the “Connection Lost” message can occur if the MultiVersus files are corrupted. It’s hard to say why this is happening, but the fact remains that restoring the integrity of the game files can fix the error. At least according to the players on the forums.

To start file recovery, for example, in the Steam client, you need to do the following:

  • start Steam;
  • go to the library with games;
  • right-click on MultiVersus and select “Properties…”;
  • go to the “Local files” tab and click on the “Check the integrity of game files …” button;
  • wait for the end of the check and possible (!) recovery of damaged game files.

Solution #3 Checking the network connection

Reboot the router, connect the Ethernet cable directly to the PC, run the troubleshooter – do your best to fix possible problems with your network connection. After all, “Connection Lost” is a network error, and therefore the cause of its occurrence may be on your side.

Solution #4 Using a VPN

Unfortunately, many players who live outside the territory of the Russian Federation cannot play MultiVersus normally without a VPN. Perhaps you are one of those players. Paid or Free – Which VPN Should You Choose? Here the decision is yours. Nevertheless, I would like to note that you can find many free VPNs on the network that can easily cope with the task.

Were you able to get rid of the “Connection Lost” message in your copy of MultiVersus? Share your successes in the comments!

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