How to open DMG file in Windows

How to open DMG file in Windows: Let’s see how to open a DMG file when working in the Windows operating system. Sometimes, users come across such files in an unknown format, and therefore there are questions about opening these files.

A file with the “.DMG” extension is a disk image (similar to ISO in Windows) for the macOS operating system (Mac OS X). You can open such a file on a computer manufactured by Apple, on which the macOS operating system is installed.

On macOS, the DMG file is mounted on the system and contains compressed and sometimes encrypted data in a file system not supported by operating systems developed by Microsoft. Therefore, the user has a question, how to open a DMG file on Windows?

The Windows operating system does not support opening DMG files. But, the user working in this OS has the ability to access the contents of the file using third-party software.

Now we will figure out how to open DMG in Windows. Obviously, we need a program that opens DMG files in the most polar operating system.

There are a number of applications with different functionality that can be used to view or extract components from a file in DMG format, or convert DMG to another format supported by Windows.

How to open DMG format in 7-Zip

Now let’s look at the easiest way to open a DMG file. With the free 7-Zip archiver, you can view the contents of a file with the “.dmg” extension, or extract the contents of the image to a convenient location on your computer’s hard drive.

To open a DMG file in 7-Zip, follow these steps:

  1. Launch 7-Zip on your PC, and then use the file manager built into the program to find the DMG file on your computer.
  2. Double-click on the file with the left mouse button to open the DMG file in the program window.

You can then navigate within the folders of the image, look at the contents, or, if necessary, extract the files to your computer.

Opening a DMG file in UltraISO

The UltraISO program is used to work with disk images, supports working with the DMG format. In UltraISO, you can view the contents of the image, delete files from the image, and, if necessary, convert the DMG file to an image file of another format.

To start working with a DMG file in UltraISO, follow these steps:

  1. In the UltraISO program window, enter the “File” menu.
  2. In the context menu, click on the “Open …” item.
  3. In the Explorer window, select the file with the “.dmg” extension.

The file is open in the program window, now you can look at the image files or extract the entire contents of the disk image on your PC, or only some of the components.

How to Convert DMG to ISO with UltraISO

Some programs can convert DMG to another disk image format supported by Windows, such as the popular ISO.

We will consider this method using the UltraISO program as an example. Do the following:

  1. Open the DMG file in UltraISO.
  2. Enter the “Tools” menu, select “Convert …” from the drop-down menu.
  3. The “Convert to standard ISO” window will open, in which you need to select the output format.
In the “File to convert” and “Output directory” fields, the location of the source file and the converted file is selected. You can change the output directory.
  1. In the “Output Format” section, select the “Standard ISO (*.ISO)” option, and then click on the “Convert” button.

After the conversion process is completed, the .ISO file converted from the .DMG file will be saved on the computer.

Converting DMG to ISO makes sense only in cases where there are files or applications supported by Windows inside the image, otherwise the converted image will not be able to be mounted on the computer (there will be no access, an error will be displayed, or a message will appear stating that the file is damaged).

Extracting files from DMG in DMG Extractor

DMG Extractor is a program specifically designed to extract the contents of a DMG image on the Windows operating system. In its work, the program uses the 7-Zip archiver libraries.

DMG Extractor has a very simple interface. There are three buttons in the main application window:

  • “Open” – open the file in the program.
  • “View” – viewing the contents of the image in the program window.
  • “Extract” – extract the contents of the image on the PC.

In the DMG Extractor program window, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the “Open” button, select the DMG file to open.
  2. If you want to view the contents of the image directories, click on the “View” button. Within an open image, you can navigate between folders to view the contents.
  3. To extract files, click on the “Extract” button.

In an additional menu, several suggested options will open that are suitable for extracting the contents of the image:

  • “All files to “path to the current location of the file”” – extract all files from the image to the current directory on the computer’s disk.
  • “All files to …” – extract all files to the location selected by the user on the PC.
  • “Selected files to …” – extract individual files from the image.

How to open the DMG extension: other programs

A Windows user can use several more programs that work with the “.DMG” format, in addition to those already described in this article.

You might be interested in the following applications:

  • HFSExplorer is a free application for viewing the contents of disks and images with the HFS + file system, which is used on Mac computers, in the macOS operating system. The program requires the presence of the Java Runtime Environment on the PC. HFSExplorer has no limits on the size of a DMG file that can be opened.
  • PeaZip is a free archiver that supports opening and extracting files from DMG images.
  • PowerISO is a program suitable for viewing content, extracting or converting DMG files.
  • Magic ISO Maker is a free program that allows you to convert DMG to ISO. Please note that the application has not been updated since 2010.
  • AnyToISO is a program for converting files of different formats to the “ISO” format, the application allows you to convert DMG to ISO.

In general, the user has some choice of software that allows you to perform certain actions with files of this format in Windows.

Article Conclusions

If the user needs to open a file in DMG format on a computer in the Windows operating system, he can use the help of third-party software. With the help of various programs, you can open and familiarize yourself with the contents of the DMG image, extract all or part of the files from there, other applications will help you convert the DMG file to an ISO image supported by Windows.

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