How to make your pc?

Doing your own pc can be an indecipherable and endless puzzle, it can look like the Chinese language, especially if you are not computer savvy. It is therefore easy to get your brushes tangled up and find yourself lost. Except, that in some cases it is good to mount your pc yourself, it can, among other things, avoid being scammed. We choose the components ourselves and it’s up to us to put everything together. It can be seen as a DIY style, don’t worry, even if it seems difficult, once ready everything becomes simpler and clearer. We are here to give you some tips to make your pc.

Desktop computer or laptop?

A laptop does not need to be assembled by you. You will buy it ready to use, it is true that at first sight, it may seem that a laptop is more practical than a fixed computer. A fixed computer can be seen as being old and not adapted… But if we look at things a little more in detail the fixed computer can be used in the long term compared to its cousin the laptop. Admittedly, it saves space, autonomy, mobility and a very attractive design. But it also has many disadvantages including:

  • A higher price of about 30% compared to its ancestor;
  • A limited lifespan of approximately 2 to 3 years. Except for professionals who last longer. But which in return are extremely expensive;
  • Limited capacity for large tasks.

To make your choice between these two types of computers, base yourself on your use of the latter and your needs.

What do you need to know and what advice to apply to build your PC?

First of all, to choose your PC , pay attention to certain criteria such as its energy consumption or its warranty period. It is also important to choose to be interested in the brands of the components of the pc. Better to favor a brand that tends to update its components and that is in innovation. This is often proof of quality, and it will save you money in the future.

Now let’s talk about the assembly of the PC. Know that if this is your first time, it is best to be accompanied or even supervised by a professional or a loved one who is used to doing this. Then, read the component manuals carefully, this will allow you to better understand their uses and connections. Still with regard to the components, be careful where you are going to put them to avoid damaging them.

There are also some small tips when choosing components. The motherboard of a PC is the most important component, so you have to choose it carefully and don’t hesitate to put the price on it.

How to mount your PC?

The assembly of a pc goes through two stages: the preparation, and the assembly itself.

The preparation

This step mainly concerns the preparation of the assembly site. The place should be a hard and smooth place. It is not possible to mount a pc on a bed. Given the nature of the components, pay attention to the electrical conductors around you. It is especially preferable to get on the ground. In this way, even if a component falls there is less risk of it breaking. Making a pc is a very meticulous job, so you will have to pay attention to the smallest detail.

PC assembly

This step can take hours given the thoroughness of the work to be done. Briefly, here is how it should be done:

  1. Start with the most complex step. That of placing the processor on the motherboard. The motherboard will act as a skeleton where the processor will be placed, being the brain of the computer. It is important not to touch the gold of the processor. Try to take it from the sides only,
  2. Then, it will be necessary to install another part on this skeleton. This part is called the random access memory . Better known as RAM. This step is quite simple, it is almost impossible to make a mistake since everything is written on the instructions for use,
  3. To prevent overheating of the processor. It is necessary to install the fans which represent the cooling system of the latter. The installation will be done on the processor. It is also necessary to put a thermal paste to connect the two,
  4. Now it will be time to place the motherboard which has the most important components in the case,
  5. Once the motherboard is in place, it is the turn of the hard drive to be placed in the case,
  6. Finally, there are only the last connections to be made and the installation of the power supply.

Note that some optional components can be added such as the graphics card or the M2 SSD disk.

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