How to make Animal Crossing snowman

Step by step guide on how to make the perfect snowman in Animal Crossing

the joy of building snowman becomes most important part of seasonal festivities as winter blankets your virtual island in Animal Crossing. Creating a perfect snowman needs To have a keen eye, touch of creativity and here is a step by step guide to help you make the most perfect and adorable snowman in  Animal Crossing.

It has been several months since you started your adventure in the world of Animal Crossing . You have learned the basics of the game, how to manage the various activities and all your inhabitants and in no time at all, winter has arrived, the coldest season of the year, which has transformed your whole island into a snowy paradise.

As you wandered around the neighborhood, you noticed that small, apparently insignificant, snowballs appeared in some areas. Approaching your character, you tried to figure out what it was, but the only result was a light kick, which rolled the ball towards a wall and broke it. Confused, you have searched for the solution to your doubts within the online communities dedicated to the game and you have discovered that those balls can actually get bigger and become a huge snowman , ideal for celebrating the winter holidays.

So if you’re here now, it’s because you need more specific guidance on how to make a snowman in Animal Crossing , is that it? So don’t worry, in just over five minutes I’ll show you not only how to create it, but I’ll also show you a few tricks to get a practically perfect snowman in all the most recent editions of the Nintendo title. Find everything explained below. Enjoy your reading and have fun!


  • How to make a snowman in Animal Crossing: New Horizons
    • How to make the perfect snowman in Animal Crossing
    • Obtainable items
  • How to make a snowman in Animal Crossing: New Leaf

How to make a snowman in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

If you are playing on Nintendo Switch and want to understand how to create a snowman in Animal Crossing: New Horizons , this is the chapter of the guide that is most suitable for you. I will start with the explanation of the basics and then I will show you in detail how to make a perfect snowman; I will also list what you can get as a gift once the procedure is completed.

To begin, therefore, look for at least two snow balls inside your island , which will be placed by the game randomly in an area of ​​the ground not too occupied by buildings or objects . Once you’ve found them, use the controller’s left analog stick to get close to one of them. Fully automatically, your character will kick the ball, causing it to roll.

Repeat this action for 12 times , being very careful not to hit any object, wall or inhabitant, as this would break the sphere , making the whole process useless. If the ball accidentally comes into contact with other objects, all you have to do is enter and exit a building to allow the game to reposition the ball on the ground.

After the thirteenth kick, the character will be able to roll the ball , allowing you to zoom in while continuing to use the analog stick of your controller. Once you have a snowball of the size of your choice , place it anywhere you like on the island map, still paying close attention to any obstacles and make your way to the second snowball to repeat the process again .

Once you have two snowballs , which will make up the snowman’s body and head , move one of the two balls towards the other. After a short animation, you will meet Pallino , a special character linked to the winter holidays of Animal Crossing. The latter will give you, as a welcome gift, a special DIY pattern . Subsequently, Pallino will remain on the island for a few days, changing its appearance from day to day until it melts completely. Finally, it should be noted that you will only be able to create one snowman per day .

How to make the perfect snowman in Animal Crossing

As mentioned in the previous chapter , once you have completed Pallino, you will receive a DIY pattern for creating a special object. However, after the first demonstration of this mechanic, the game will only grant you additional blueprints after building the perfect snowman . Let’s see how to do it together.

As in the previous step, locate two snow balls on your island , which as I explained earlier are placed by the game randomly. In this case, I suggest you find two balls that are not too far apart , so as to facilitate the procedure and avoid making imperfect snowmen , which unfortunately will not give you any gifts. Once you’ve found them, use the controller’s left analog stick to shape the spheres, as shown above.

At this point, one of two tricks comes into play that will help you create your perfect snowman. First, once you start moving the left analog stick to roll the snowball, pay close attention to its size . To do this, use the right analog stick to change the view of the game camera and get a more detailed view of the size of the sphere.

At this point you will have to aim to create two snowballs of different sizes . The snowball that will act as a body must be as high as our character , with the circumference of the sphere that must reach the eyes of your inhabitant. In the case of the head , however, the circumference must reach his eyes to be considered perfect.

When you have achieved the best possible result, move your head towards Pallino’s body to complete the procedure. If you have followed this guide to the letter, Pallino will compliment you on your artistic skills and will give you not only a DIY pattern, but also a large snowflake , necessary for the creation of new special objects.

How do you say? Although you have followed the procedure to the letter, does Pallino consider your creation incomplete, thus denying you the possibility of obtaining your prize? It can happen.

In this case, the second trick comes into play that will help you get the perfect snowman. Then press the ZL button on the controller to open the menu of your Nook Phone and select the edit island option using the A button . Finally, confirm your choice by clicking on Let’s start the works! .

After a few moments, the game will give you access to the terrain modification mode . At this point, press the + button to select the type of terrain you prefer and confirm your choice by pressing the A button . At this point, position yourself anywhere you like on the map and press the A button on the controller again to change the terrain of a tile.

Repeat the procedure several times to get a small path that will allow you to reduce the size of the imperfect snowball. When you are satisfied with the result, repeat the step for creating Pallino shown above and you should be able to get your perfect snowman.

Obtainable items

If you are curious to know what are the objects obtainable by creating a snowman in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, know that within the game there are 15 DIY schemes , which will allow you to give your island a look suitable for winter holidays.

  • Iceberg tree
  • Arco Iceberg
  • Ice wand
  • Iceberg counter
  • Iceberg divider
  • Iceberg bed
  • Ice Wall
  • Ice Floor
  • Iceberg pillar
  • Iceberg armchair
  • Iceberg snowman
  • Iceberg Popsicle Set
  • Iceberg statue
  • Iceberg table
  • Snowman head

In any case, the creation of each of these objects will require not only the use of materials such as the aforementioned large snowflakes , but also the use of a work table dedicated to creating these DIY patterns. If you are interested, I recommend that you read my guide on how to play Animal Crossing .

How to make a snowman in Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Although the mechanics of creating a snowman is present in almost every chapter of the Animal Crossing series and works identical in terms of controls, it is with Animal Crossing: New Leaf that the Nintendo team has taken it further. allowing players to create a whole family of snowmen , each giving away a number of different special items.

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The biggest snowman, Polario , will initially give you a bingo card , which is needed to play his special bingo . Each day, the different Polarios you build will give you a particular number. Once you have lined up 5 numbers within the same row, you will have obtained a nice five , which will give you a special prize.

Unlike Animal Crossing: New Horizons, building Pallino will give you the option to obtain its items by letter , which will be delivered to your home the next day.

Once Polaria is built , the puppet will ask you to collect snowflakes using your net . Once you have collected enough snowflakes, Polaria will reward you with a suitable prize.

As for Fiocco , the smallest snowman in the family, it will judge the proportions of all the other snowmen you have built, offering you a different gift according to the level of perfection of each of its relatives.Also remember that each of them can only be built once a day .


How do you build a snowman in Animal Crossing?

First of all you have to find 2 balls of snow that will be present on your island and then roll them till one of them is big to make a snow boy. If your sizes will be exactly right you will create a perfect and adorable snow boy.

How do you get a snowball in Animal Crossing?

in Animal Crossing series snowballs are objects that appear in town during winter.  In the town everyday two snowball appear, and that can be kicked the player by growing in size if they are rolled over grass and shrinking if they are rolled over dirt. once you see that it is large enough then a snowball can be pushed by the player.

How many snowman can you make a day in animal crossing?

Everyday only one snowman can be made because the maximum amount of Snowballs in a city at one time is 3. It means that if you have other human players in your home town then only you can make one snowman and whoever will get the first will get the price.

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