How to make a plane in Minecraft

How to make a plane in Minecraft: You have several shelters scattered around the world of Minecraft and would like to find a way to reach them all quickly, without having to take long walks and run into enemies to fight in the eventuality. You thought, therefore, that a great method would be to be able to build an airplane, so as to whiz around in complete freedom and reach any place, but you are not sure how to carry out this project. Well, if that’s the way it is, you’ll be happy to know you’ve come to the right place at the right time!

In today’s guide, in fact, I will show you how to make a plane in Minecraft and how to use it to travel from one point to another in the game world. First, I will recommend the materials to use for the realization of this project. Next, I’ll tell you step by step how to build a rudimentary plane to fly. In this regard, I warn you that you will have to use a special mod, as in Minecraft it is not possible to create fully-functional custom vehicles. If, on the other hand, you want to speed up this whole procedure and you want to fly and fly a plane instantly, I will suggest a mod that could be for you.

I bet my introduction piqued your interest, right? So let’s start building a plane immediately: you simply have to dedicate a few minutes of your free time to it, so as to pay attention to the advice you will find in the next chapters. At this point, all I have to do is wish you a good read and, above all, a good time!


  • Advice on materials to use
  • Build a plane in Minecraft
  • Create a working plane in Minecraft
  • How to make a working plane in Minecraft via mod

Advice on materials to use

Before starting to talk to you about how to make a plane in Minecraft, I want to recommend the materials you could use for the realization of your project.

Among the many blocks you can use to create an airplane, I recommend using concrete. This material is interesting, because it allows you to apply many colors, in order to decorate the plane with the colors you want.

To craft this resource, on a workbench, add 4 units of gravel4 units of sand and 1 unit of dye. For example, if you want to get the white color, you have to put bone meal, while in the case of black, the ink bag. From this process, you will get blocks of concrete powder which, after placing them and pouring water over them, you will convert them into concrete blocks.

You can also add different decorations, such as stained glass, using glass. In this regard, I recommend that you consult my guide on how to make glass in Minecraft.

In addition to the materials listed above, in case you want to make the plane work, you will have to use some specific blocks that you can only get through the use of specific mods. I will tell you in detail about how to operate your airplane in a later chapter of this guide.

Build a plane in Minecraft

Now that you know what you need to make a plane in Minecraft, it’s time to proceed with building it. First, you need to create the project so that it hangs in the air. Therefore, place blocks of any material on top of each other, making a vertical stack of at least 4 blocks in height.

At this point, build the fuselage, starting from the last block of the vertical stack. Make a base of at least 11 x 2 blocks.

Once this is done, build large wings on both sides, leaving two blocks of space from the front area of ​​the plane. There is no rule to follow to make the wings: what matters is that they are proportionate to the size of the plane. I recommend at least a 3 x 5 large area.

Now you need to build the tail of the aircraft: leave the space of a block from the rear of the fuselage and place blocks in a 2 x 2 area.

Once this is done, place other blocks in a 2 x 2 area above them, one block out of phase. Finally, add another row of 2 blocks to complete this step.

Starting from the base of this structure you have made, place a row of 3 blocks and then, next to it, another of 2 blocks, until you close with a single block positioned. Do the same thing with the opposite side, so that you have made the tail of the plane.

If you want, you can embellish the plane, adding stained glass to the sides or any other decorative element. You can also use colored concrete blocks during the different steps described in the paragraphs above, in order to beautify the airplane.

Don’t forget to remove the series of vertical blocks that hold the aircraft anchored to the ground.

Create a working plane in Minecraft

With the procedures you followed in the previous chapter, you built a plane that is not functional. In order for it to really fly into the world of Minecraft, you need some components that are only available through mods.

In this regard, I recommend you to use the Davinci’s Vessels mod, which allows you to animate your aircraft and boat projects, quickly and easily. To use mods in Minecraft, however, you need Minecraft Forge, a software available for free on this website. To download the program installation file, reach the link I provided and click on the Windows Installer item. At the end of the download of the file, double-click on it and, in the box that appears, press the OK button, in order to install it.

Now, go to the path  C: \ Users [name] \ AppData \ Roaming \ .minecraft, using File Explorer, and open the mods folder. If you don’t find it, create it manually. In the mods folder, you will need to place the JAR files related to the mods that you will download shortly.

To grab the mods you need to fly the plane, from, download Davinci’s Vessels and MovingWorld, an essential component without which Davinci’s Vessels mod can’t work. The downloaded JAR files must be placed in the mods folder, which I told you about in the previous paragraph.

At this point, start  Minecraft and press the ▲ icon, located next to the Play button. Then select the Forge profile and click  Play. Then access the previously created world, where you built the plane, to complete the project.

In Creative mode, you can find the items you need to fly your plane: open the inventory using the I key and go to the second page of the inventory menu by clicking on the Davinci’s Vessels tab.

The first item you need is the Ship’s Helm, which is the rudder to maneuver the plane. Place it on the fuselage, in the front, which will be the cabin. On the tail, instead, in the two remaining empty spaces, place the Steam Engines, which will allow the plane to fly faster, fueled with coal.

Finally, under the fuselage and wings, add an additional layer of blocks, using the Air Balloons, essential to allow the plane to fly.

I advise you to put a quantity of these blocks equal to about 40% of the total blocks used for the project.

Well, we’re almost there! Now all you have to do is interact on the rudder and press the Assemble Ship button. Then press on Mount Ship to start flying the plane.

To raise and lower the plane, use the Z and X keys on the keyboard. Before getting off your airplane, I recommend that you press the K button and choose the Disassemble item.

How to make a working plane in Minecraft via mod

In case you do not have the desire or time to build a plane, you can think of using special mods that allow you to place pre-built aircraft, to be used to fly in the world of Minecraft.

One of the ones I recommend is Immersive Vehicles in addition to the Transport Simulator Official Vehicle Set. To install these mods, you will need to use the Minecraft Forge add-on and then place the respective JAR files in the mods folder, present in the Minecraft root path.

In this regard, I suggest you read what I have already described to you in the previous chapter of the guide, to follow the procedures on how to install Minecraft Forge and make mods work on Minecraft.


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