How to improve on FIFA

FIFA , the football historian of Electronic Arts that every year arrives on store shelves with its (fluctuating) load of news, has always attracted you and you never give up playing a few games in the latter. However, you recently realized that there are some very strong users, with whom you struggle to compete. You have therefore wondered how you could improve your performance and this research has brought you here, on this guide of mine.

That’s the way it is, isn’t it? Well then I would say that you are in the right place! Today, in fact, I will deal with this topic by explaining in detail how to improve on FIFA . Probably, if you’ve come this far, you will already know the basic mechanics of the title, so I will focus mainly on the aspects that are often underestimated by players, but which actually allow you to obtain a certain competitive advantage relatively easily.

I can assure you that your goal is just a few steps away and that in reality everything is simpler than it seems. What do you say? Are you ready to get started? Yup? Come on then: all you have to do is follow the quick instructions below. There is nothing left for me to do, except wish you good reading and have fun!


  • Preliminary information
  • How to improve on FIFA
    • Train a lot
    • Make the most of the band
    • Don’t underestimate counter-attacks
    • Training with skills
    • Try several free kicks and penalties
    • Don’t be egosti
    • Try to slow down
    • Finding the ideal module

Preliminary information

Before going into the details of the advice on how to improve on FIFA , it is good to analyze the characteristics of Electronic Arts football.

In fact, users are often convinced that FIFA is an easy game. In reality, this is not the case. Or rather, the basic mechanics are simple, given that it is a title suitable for players aged 3 and over, but competing seriously with the most experienced users is quite another thing: there are people who have trained every day to years to achieve certain performances!

FIFA is in fact a simple game only in appearance, as it hides a layered series of strategies and possibilities that make the difference between playing exclusively for fun and playing to compete with people from all over the globe.

However, overshadowing the fun to compete is probably not the right choice for approaching Electronic Arts football. For this reason, what users usually look for is a sort of balance , a method that allows you to bring home the results without getting too technical. This while continuing to have fun.

Well, in this guide I will help you in the search for that balance, providing you with useful information to improve your performance , always keeping in mind the playful aspect of the game.

How to improve on FIFA

How do you say? Did you understand that FIFA is a complex title and would you therefore like to understand how to refine your techniques to beat as many players as possible, without giving up the fun? Perfect: below you will find all the details of the case.

Train a lot

Exercising a lot is probably the most mundane piece of advice in the world, but it’s also the one that’s most often forgotten.

In fact, some users struggle to understand how much effort there is behind the goals achieved by pro players . If a player has won a major tournament, it means that he has been training for a long time , often for years.

If you are a novice player, probably the best way to start is to try to win a few games against the artificial intelligence , raising the difficulty every time you win 3 games .

Some find it a bit ‘boring’, but FIFA matches don’t really last long and I can assure you that the challenge level, especially at the higher difficulties, could give you a lot of trouble and become intriguing .

Once you have mastered all the challenging levels the game offers, you will be ready to play against other people. Initially you might think about challenging some passionate friend , maybe you think you are stronger than you, by inviting them home for offline games: by doing so, you will test yourself with a person you know and you could even learn their “tricks” , perhaps having them explain how makes certain actions take place.

I always advise you to try to win several times , in order to understand if you have really improved or if it was just a stroke of luck.

Once you have carried out all the necessary tests with artificial intelligence and with your friends, it will be time to go online , engaging in game modes like Ultimate Team . It will probably be at this juncture that you will meet the strongest players and see if offline training has served you.

In general, the advice is to play as many games as possible and try to understand your style of play: for example, there are those who are happy to always be on the defensive and then take advantage of counter – attacks and those who are able to better master the offensive phases .

Make the most of the band

All players should learn how to take advantage of the headband . This is a very effective method to be able to get directly close to the opponent’s goal, perhaps by making crosses towards the center .

To implement this strategy properly, it is good to always take a look at the statistics relating to the speed of the players that you have on the flanks. In fact, a fast player is able to overcome the opponent’s defense simply by stretching the ball and beating the other players on time.

Also, if you place a player who can hit the head well in the center of the opponent’s area , you can be sure that some of your crosses could give rise to interesting situations. This is without counting the possibility of re – entering and getting closer to the goal, as well as shooting from outside the area , troubling the goalkeeper and maybe getting some corner kicks .

In short, the band can be an important friend on FIFA and you should try to implement strategies that exploit it. Many players don’t and you may have already found a weakness here.

Don’t underestimate counter-attacks

When a user creates their team, they often only think about defense and attack, without taking a look at the stats related to the speed of their players .

This means that there are many teams that have particularly slow defenders , who can be overcome, for example, with a through ball . To give you a practical example, when a defense with slow players goes up to give life to offensive action, a fast attacker could “pierce” it in a nanosecond.

Essentially, therefore, you should keep an eye on the speed stat of both your attackers , in order to implement counterattacks , and your defenders , so that it is not your team that falls victim to this “trap”.

This is something that users often don’t pay attention to, but if you think about it it can be a very interesting trick. Of course, this doesn’t mean you have to buy players based solely on their speed, but keeping an eye on this stat never hurts.

Training with skills

There are some users who believe that FIFA’s skills, the so-called Skill Moves , are simply a method of “making yourself beautiful” in the eyes of the opponent. Nothing more wrong.

In fact, if used properly, the Skill moves are able to give life to unprecedented situations , which can create significant opportunities. For example, mastering feints can allow you to disorient the defense , clearing your way to the opponent’s goal.

Furthermore, a heel strike can catch the other player off guard , who may have expected a more “traditional” pass. A sombrero, on the other hand, can allow you to outrun a player who would have prevailed in another type of tackle.

In short, other than a method to “be seen”: the Skill moves can be very useful to have that little bit more than the opponent. It is therefore no coincidence that Electronic Arts itself has published detailed guides on its official website .

The latter are useful for learning how to improve on FIFA 20 , as they are based on that chapter of EA’s football. However, the approach is the same with regards to the other iterations of the game.

My advice is to carefully follow the advice provided directly by the developers and train yourself to learn how to master these skills . You will see that the gap with the more experienced players will get shorter and shorter.

Try several free kicks and penalties

For some players, trying several free kicks and penalties is an obvious indication, given that they often train with kicks stops, but others simply have never even touched the option related to these workouts, thinking it is too much ” boring”.

In fact, once you have become familiar with the systems related to free kicks and penalties (which by the way EA has also changed throughout the history of FIFA), I can assure you that directing the ball where you want will be a whole other story. .

The challenge is precisely this: to improve in this field, you cannot simply throw the free kicks and penalties that are granted to you in the match, but you must also focus on training . In this way, when it happens, perhaps in the last few minutes, that you have to take a penalty kick, you will be much more confident and probably won’t go wrong.

Giving you precise indications on how to train at the level of free kicks and penalties is not very easy, as each chapter has its own method to manage these occasions. In any case, just look for the appropriate option to train and try these situations several times.

Don’t be egosti

This is probably the suggestion that a certain type of player should “get tattooed”, so you always remember: never overdo it with ball possession .

In fact, being selfish in this sense almost never leads to anything, except to be surrounded by the opposing defense and lose possession. If you try to pass the ball more , you will see that you will be able to carry out more intriguing actions.

In fact, I remind you that, while you are controlling one of the players, the other members of your team are “moved” by artificial intelligence , which is often able to create interesting opportunities.

You may have noticed it too: every now and then some players seem to move perfectly on the edge of the offside , giving you the opportunity to “pierce” the defense, for example, with a through ball . My advice is therefore to try to pass the ball and see if the game creates one of these situations.

Try to slow down

One of the most common mistakes made by novice players in Electronic Arts football is to want to go to a thousand, always making their players run and never stopping.

The result? In the last stages of the game all the players are exhausted and the opponent could take the opportunity to create offensive actions. In short, you could frustrate all efforts just because you never stopped.

This is not to mention that slowing down could also throw the other player off balance , as many in FIFA are used to fast-paced action. Stopping means thinking : it is precisely at that moment that a brilliant idea could come to your mind to “pierce” the opponent’s defense and go to the net.

Finding the ideal module

You’ve probably noticed that a lot of the advice I’ve given in this guide is about the player’s mindset. Essentially, the potential is all there: in the ingenuity of the user who takes the controller in hand.

For this reason, my invitation is to think outside the box , even trying out those modules that other players wouldn’t even consider. Right there your strength can reside, where no one has dared to go.

So try to get out of the mentality of the now abused 4-4-2 or the widespread 4-2-3-1 and try to combine your game strategy with other modules that are usually less used, such as 4-1-2-1 -2 , which can allow you to overcome the opponent’s defense with quick “one and two” in the central and offensive phase.

Definitely a form like that can displace certain players , who may have become accustomed to only defend against classical formations. Your preferences also come into play here, as a lot depends on how you want to shape your experience.

In short, these are my tips to better master a seemingly simple but layered game like FIFA. Since you are interested in Electronic Arts football, I would recommend that you take a look at the page on my site dedicated to FIFA , where you can find several guides that may interest you.


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