How to get ice in Minecraft

How to get ice in Minecraft: In this article, we will look at the specific steps required to mine ice without breaking it and how this can be done efficiently. This method is suitable for all versions of Minecraft.

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Let’s say you’re playing survival mode in Minecraft and you take on the responsibility of building yourself an ice-themed house. When collecting ice, you will run into the problem that the ice will constantly break, regardless of the mining tool used. Below we will look at effective options for collection.

How to get ice in Minecraft


When it comes to ice mining, to get what you need you need two things:

  1. Collection tool;
  2. Silk Touch enchantment.

How to get ice in Minecraft1

How to get a:

To understand why this works, it is better to understand what the enchantments themselves are capable of. Silk Touch will allow you to mine the block itself, rather than the content that would normally be mined from it. With that in mind, this would be the perfect spell to give you the ability to collect the ice you’re looking for.

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Once you have the self enchant, all you have to do is enchant a mining tool like a pickaxe or a shovel and you’ll be fine.

How can ice be used?

As previously mentioned, ice can be useful in creating an environment in a snow biome that is entirely composed of this substance. However, if you want to build such a house in a less cold place, you will be out of luck when it eventually melts. You can counteract this problem by combining 9 blocks of ice to create the coveted compressed ice.

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This block works just like regular ice, except for the fact that it doesn’t melt when placed near high light sources. This may make creating an icy environment more palatable for those who don’t want to live exclusively in a snowy biome.

Is ice a spawnable block?

It has a length while in the snow biome, otherwise it cannot be maintained, and in turn cannot be spawned naturally.

How to turn water into ice?

It’s actually quite simple. All you have to do is expose the ice to a high enough light level where it will eventually melt. If the light level is 12, this will happen immediately. As long as you keep the ice at too high a light level, it won’t melt, so keep that in mind when building ice structures.

Is the ice melting?

Ice won’t melt unless you put a bright enough light next to it to melt it.

Video guide:

If you want to learn how to make an ice farm in minecraft, you should watch this video:


Extraction of ice is very simple and understandable if you have the right tool and enchantment. The only tricky part of this process is getting the enchantment itself. In order to enchant a tool, you can find books with enchantments in chests, or enchant an item on an enchanting table.

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