How to remove enchantments in Minecraft

How to remove enchantments in Minecraft: Throughout the passage of Minecraft, you can collect a whole collection of enchanted items. More often than not, these enchanted items are useless and clog up your vaults with various pieces of enchanted equipment. Luckily, there is a way to get some value out of these items. You can disenchant these enchanted pieces of armor, weapons, and tools in a grindstone to gain some experience from them. This guide will show you how to pulverize items in Minecraft with a whetstone, as well as how to make your own whetstone.

Removing an enchantment with a grindstone in Minecraft

Let’s say you fished out an enchanted book with some enchantments that you never plan to use. You can just leave it in storage and forget over time, or you can gain some experience by putting it in a grindstone.

How to get rid of enchantment in minecraft0

This book will most likely never see the light of day, and while protection and spikes are decent enchantments, the binding curse makes them a little less desirable. To disenchant this book and gain experience from it, place it in a grindstone. Unfortunately, you can’t get rid of curses, and there is no legal way to remove a curse from any item other than losing it or dying with it.

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Once you click on the end result on the right, the enchantment that can be removed will be there and you will receive a small amount of experience. If you have a book or item without any curses, you can also return it to its unenchanted state.

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Follow the same steps as above, place the enchanted item in the grindstone and click on its end result to get a regular book.

How to get rid of enchantments in Minecraft3

This can be useful for re-rolling suggested enchantments on the enchantment table. If you spend a level at an enchanting table, you will be offered new enchants for that particular item type (book, sword, bow, trident, etc.)

Like Frustration in Minecraft4

As you can see, tier 1 enchantments will provide an unbeatable tier I. To get a new set of enchantments, you can choose tier 1 enchantment and place another book to see what else you can get.

How to disenchant in Minecraft5

Books with enchantments you don’t need can be used to give you back a small amount of experience, making it easier to grind up to level 30.

How to craft a grindstone in Minecraft

The recipe for making a grindstone with your own hands is relatively cheap. First you need to get 2 wooden planks. Just break any tree to get enough raw logs to make a whetstone.

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In truth, you only need one wooden log to make a whetstone. After you get a wooden log, break it into planks by placing it in the crafting menu. Each log will make 4 boards.

How to get rid of enchantment in minecraft7

Save your 2 wooden planks and turn 2 planks into sticks by placing them in a 2×1 column. This will give you 4 sticks.

How to spray in minecraft8

Now that you have the wood pieces ready, you will need a stone slab. Paving stones and smooth stone slabs will not work for this recipe. You will need a regular stone slab. To do this, you will need an oven. Break the stone with a pickaxe until you get about 11 cobblestones. To make a furnace, place 8 cobblestone blocks on a workbench, leaving the middle slot open.

How to spray in minecraft9

Place the furnace and prepare the remaining cobblestone to get a regular stone. To craft a stone slab, you will need at least 3 regular stones. If you have extra wood, you only need 2 planks to completely turn 3 cobblestones into regular stone.

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Wait for the stone to finish cooking and you’re done. kit for making your own grindstone. To create stone slabs, place a row of regular stone on a workbench. The slabs make up half of the block, since the recipe calls for 3 stone slabs, you will get 6 stone slabs.

How to spray in minecraft11

To create a whetstone, place a stone slab in the middle slot, 2 sticks on each side of the stone slab, and place a wooden plank under each of the sticks.

How to spray in minecraft12

That’s all you need to create your own whetstone. in minecraft.

Can any item level be disenchanted?

You can disenchant any enchanted item on a grindstone. The whetstone won’t be able to remove curses, so it won’t give any experience or common item when you pulverize a cursed item, but it can remove any other level of an enchanted item. The higher the level of enchantment, the more experience you can get from disenchanting.

How to remove the curse?

There is no legal way to remove a curse in Minecraft. You might argue that you can remove the enchanted item’s vanishing curse by dying with it, but that removes the entire item. The only way to remove the curse is if the enchanted item is the head of a mob or a pumpkin. Placing and destroying a cursed item will remove the curse.

Is it possible to remove the enchantment without destroying the item?

Spraying does not destroy the item. In fact, you can even repair it with a grindstone. While this always removes all enchantments from any item, you can repair an item in the top slot by using the same type of item in the bottom slot. The bottom slot is used up by this method, so this is not a normal repair-related procedure. However, in order to disenchant an item, you do not need to destroy it.


Congratulations, you now know how to spray items with a grindstone in Minecraft. If you’ve been playing survival for a while and plundered a lot of different areas, you’ll likely have a few enchanted items (if you bother picking them up first). However, having a lot of enchanted items can speed up your progress towards getting the perfect set of enchanted weapons, armor, and tools. For this you will need a grindstone.

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