How to fix PIN error 0x80070032 in Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

For security, Windows 10 has been enhanced with Windows Hello. This is a biometric authentication and access control feature that allows fingerprint, face, or PIN login, but is available to a limited number of Windows 10 users. For legacy devices and missing prerequisites (fingerprint reader), purchase a USB biometric scanner … Login by fingerprint and face recognition is accompanied by a password. These parameters do not always work – an error 0x80070032 occurs. Most users claim: this happened after installing the Fall Creators Update.

Delete the contents of the NGC folder

If you can’t log in with your PIN, log in with your password, then delete the contents of the NGC folder. Before that, you need to get the owner’s rights:

  • Log in using your password.
  • Press the combination “Win + E”, open “Explorer”.
  • Change to directory C: Windows ServiceProfiles LocalService AppData Local Microsoft. If there is no “AppData” folder in the “View” tab, check the “Hidden items” box.
  • In the context menu of the NGC folder, select Properties.
  • Go to the “Security” tab, click “Advanced”, look for the “Owner” section.
  • We click “Change”, in the field “Enter the names of the selected objects” enter the name of the administrator or user (depending on what you use).
  • Click Check Names and OK.
  • Check the box “Replace owner of subcontainers and objects”, apply and exit.
  • Now that we have access to the NGC folder, select all the files and delete.
  • Next “Windows + I” to open the settings.
  • Open “Account Settings”, then – “Login Options”.
  • Click “Add PIN” and follow the instructions.

Correcting error 0 × 80070032 using the option “I forgot my PIN”

  1. Press Win + I, go to “Settings”.
  2. Next step: “Accounts”> “Login Options”.
  3. We find “I forgot my PIN”.
  4. Then “Continue”. Pick up a new PIN.

Re-create PIN-code

  • Press Win + I to open settings.
  • We go to “Accounts”, look for “Login Options”.
  • Open the PIN tab, click Remove.
  • Enter your account password, click OK.
  • Find “Add”, enter a new PIN.
  • Choose OK, check if the problem is resolved.

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