How to fix “Google Play Store has stopped”

We continue with the compilation of common solutions to various Android problems and we bring you several possible solutions to a typical error that appears in the terminals, the one that warns that the Google Play Store has stopped for some reason.

This error related to the Android application store should, in principle, have a fairly simple solution to execute, however, this is not always the case. It is possible that none of them will take effect on your terminal, so try exhausting all the solutions available to you.

Next we are going to list a couple of methods that you should carry out so that you can continue using the Google Play Store without operating problems, so that the error indicating that it has stopped appears no more, and you can update your apps, download new ones, etc.

Reset your connection

Although it shouldn’t be the root cause of this Google Play Store error, it doesn’t hurt to try a reset of your internet connection . You can easily do this by turning on airplane mode and after a few seconds turning it off again so that it connects to 4G or WiFi.

Clear cache and data

One of the possible solutions to the “Google Play Store has stopped” problem would be to delete the data and also the Google Play Store cache, Google Play Services or Google Play Services installed on the phone. To perform this task, do the following:

  1. Go to settings/apps/all apps and search for Google Play Store.
  2. Once you click on the application, inside enter the “storage” section and then you can delete the data and the cache . Do the same with the Google Play Services app or Google Play Services.

Stop the Downloads app

Other things that you can try if the previous method does not work for you is to force the “Downloads” application to stop. To do this, do the following:

  1. Go to settings/apps/all apps and find the “Downloads” app.
  2. Go inside and click the “Force stop” button. Restart your device and the Google Play Store error message should no longer appear, if it continues to appear, keep trying another solution.

Delete Google account

Another procedure that you should not fail to try is to delete your Google account from the mobile, do not worry because then you can add it again to download apps from the Google Play Store application store. It is a quick process, follow these steps:

  1. Go into settings/accounts. Now enter the Google account and pressing the menu button, the option “remove account” should appear , which you will have to press to delete it.
  2. Finally, restart the mobile and then when trying to enter the Google Play Store it will ask you to log in again with an account, use the same one and try again.

Uninstall Google Play Store updates

Another method that you should try is to uninstall the updates from the Google Play Store , updates are often installed that cause an error and this could be the case, so we are going to try removing it to see if this eliminates the error. This you should do:

  1. Go into settings/apps/all apps (note that the path may change depending on the Android operating system).
  2. Now enter the Google Play Store and the option “uninstall updates” should appear on the menu button , which in this case you must press.

Install Google Play in apk format

Very recently we told you how to download the Google Play Store , and that could be another solution to this problem, that is, download the store itself from the APKmirror app repository, which usually has the most up-to-date version to see if it doesn’t. more error appears.

Format the mobile

As a last, you can try to perform a factory reset of your Android mobile , but remember that this procedure erases all the data and leaves it as fresh out of the box when you buy it, so use this option if none of the above works for you.

In principle, by trying some of the above options, you should be able to definitively solve the error that indicates that Google Play Store has stopped , an issue that causes you to not be able to enter the store to download applications.

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