Does having more RAM improve performance?

The RAM of the computer is a really important component in the computer and that is why it is important to know how much RAM our computer has. Many users wonder does having more RAM improve performance? Let’s analyze the case a bit.

RAM is the second component of the computer after the processor . It is a temporary memory in which the data that we have in execution is saved. That is the most common definition but some more function must be added.

RAM can serve as a cache , hence perhaps more RAM better performance. Let’s explain this a bit. Windows is capable of storing programs that we close in RAM memory so that they take less time to open. This does not imply that the RAM is full and the computer is slow, but rather that it releases it little by little as it is needed.

For this reason, a 16Gb RAM memory, for example, allows us to have a very large cache, so we will notice a certain influence of this on the performance of the computer.

In any case, adjusting to the maximum RAM memory that we are really going to use may be a better solution. And then 8Gb of RAM is more than enough in most cases .

With 8Gb of RAM we can run games or programs (design, for example) that require a large amount of memory. Of course, if we expand we will have more cache memory but it is not always used.

Less amount of RAM can also serve us but we forget the cache effect. In any case, we must bear in mind that the computer is limited by the processor. It is no use having a lot of cache or RAM memory and having a slow processor . So all this we must take into account.

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