How to fix error CE-117773-6 on PS5?

Like other error codes, CE-117773-6 is related to network problems. With it on the PlayStation 5, you can play and watch movies offline without problems, but all or some online functions stop working. Some users are unable to enter an online match, others are unable to download the game from the store, and some are unable to renew their PS Plus subscription. In any case, the problem prevents normal use of the console, which means it should be fixed soon.

How to fix error CE-117773-6?

Like other errors that are network in nature, CE-117773-6 may be related to the unavailability of the PSN servers or problems on the game servers. This needs to be checked first of all, so that there is something to build on. Usually the failure is massive, it appears for a large number of users, although not for all. Hence the conclusion that the problem is often server-side. However, it harms the connection, after which the connection may not be restored, even if the problem is fixed. Additionally, you can try the following “life hacks” that have worked for a number of users.

What to do:

  • Hard reboot. You should turn off the console, then disconnect it from the network and wait at least 5-10 minutes. Some users additionally recommend doing a router reset.
  • Bypass the problem with the purchase. You need to add your PS+ subscription to your shopping cart, and then you need to go to the PS Plus Collection tab. This screen will display the games included in this subscription, you need to click on any of them with a yellow plus. On the new screen with subscriptions, click on the “Buy” button. Should work.

Just waiting should also have a positive effect, since the error is related to server problems. However, it is selective until patterns are found, but it appears on devices of a certain region or modification.

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