How to fix error 19 in Valorant?

An effective guide on How to fix Error 19 in Valorant

Valorant is famous for its intense gameplay that strategically throws challenges through codes. If you are facing error 19 in Valorant, you must ensure that we have covered you with the comprehensive troubleshooting guide to help you conquer all obstacles.

We noticed that quite often Valorant users get an error with code 19. According to our observations, it is intermittent. At a certain point in time, many may complain about it, and then the error may disappear for most users. This is an important observation, as it indicates that for a significant part of the players the problem may be external. Read on for more details and ways to fix error 19 in Valorant.

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How to fix error 19 in Valorant?

You only need to do a few simple steps. Everything else has not been proven effective. You can even reinstall the operating system and get no result.

What should be done:

  • Full restart . You should close the game and the launcher, and then go to the “Task Manager” and kill every process that is somehow related to Valorant. These are all tasks from Riot, Valorant itself, as well as Vanguard.
  • Reset network settings . A series of commands can help if the problem is connecting to servers: netsh int ip reset , ipconfig /release , ipconfig /renew , ipconfig /flushdns , netsh winsock reset . After executing all the above commands, you need to restart the computer.

If these steps do not work, then you just need to wait. Although the description of error 19 in Valorant indicates that the problem is in the client, but this is not always the case. Many Reddit users noted that the problem went away on its own after a while. Sometimes it takes up to several days.


Why does VAL 19 keep popping up?

When this happens, the first thing that you have to do is restart the Riot client. This simple step could be incredibly beneficial for this problem.

What does error code 19 mean?

If one or more than one service is defined for a device, a failure will open the service key. The driver’s name can also not be obtained from the service key.

How do I fix the VAL error code?

Restart the Riot client and your PC. If the error is not solved, uninstall Riot Vanguard and Valorant and reinstall. If the error code is still not solved, check the Valorant support site for information. After that, restart your PC and the Riot client.

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