How to fix error 0x00000116 on Windows 7, 8, 10 (blue screen of death)

A long time ago, a computer or laptop has become an integral part of human life. Every home has one, sometimes even several pieces. Indeed, it is so convenient when all the knowledge of the whole world is on your desk, when you can read, write, study and watch films, program and draw without leaving your chair. And what will the user experience when, when starting the computer, he sees the so-called “blue screen” and the full screen inscription “Error 0x00000116” on Windows 7, 8, 10? Of course, this is fear, because we are all frightened by this, but everyone thinks that they will bypass it. Especially in order to understand the causes of this problem and find out how to fix error 0x00000116, we have compiled this article.

Causes and causes of occurrence

There are many reasons and reasons for the occurrence of a problem known as error code 0x00000116 or a blue screen, and all of them, in one way or another, are related to the video card and drivers. The reasons may be:

  • problem driver;
  • overheating the video card;
  • memory problems;
  • broken power supply;
  • dead video card.

All these reasons can be seen and tried to be solved, so let’s look at their solutions.


Reinstalling the drivers

First of all, it makes sense to try to reinstall the drivers, since in most cases it’s all about them. To do this, you will need to go to Safe Mode. This is not so difficult to do.

  • Press F8 while turning on the computer.
  • From all the proposed items, select “Safe Mode”
  • After the computer turns on, launch the “Device Manager” by right-clicking on the Windows icon.
  • In the list that will be highlighted for you, select your video card and click “delete”.
  • Then restart your device.
  • Download new drivers.

Reducing the temperature of the video card

It is possible that the whole point is precisely in the poor cooling inside your unit. It can be easily checked according to the norm: at rest the temperature should be approximately 35-45 degrees, and in the working one – 70-80 degrees. If the temperature is above normal, then it makes sense to purchase thermal paste. If, after using it, nothing has changed, then you need to take a new reinforced cooling.

Checking the RAM for damage

If the previous two methods did not help you, then everything is much more serious. To go “all bad”, it makes sense to check your RAM first. Unscrew the block and inspect it for scratches, torn contacts, cracks and other serious damage.Another caveat: if you have several RAM modules, then try leaving only one and start the computer again.

Fixing the power supply

One of the worst causes of a blue screen is a faulty power supply. Perhaps, like the RAM, it was mechanically damaged. Try to examine it. If you see swollen capacitors, any black spots and other consequences of short circuits, then buy a new one or take it for repair, they will suddenly help.

We look at the video card

The worst thing in this situation is if your video card itself is broken. If from all of the above, everything is normal, then it means that your video card has simply “died”. In this case, nothing can be done, it cannot be returned, and all that remains for you is to buy a new one.


That’s all that will help you remove the “screen of death”. We hope our advice will help you and your computer will be able to work for a long time and efficiently. Thanks for reading.

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