How to fix 403 Forbidden error in PUBG Lite?

Decided to finish a couple of rounds on Erangel, but the game gave you a resounding slap in the face? Is the 403 Forbidden error in PUGB Lite preventing you from enjoying gameplay with friends? Then our guide will help you (at least its solutions will work in most cases).

Other problems can also interfere with playing games – for example, a low skill level. For single games, there is a solution – take  the cheat codes you like from the site A very good resource, which contains a whole bunch of official codes from developers that can be used in various games. For example, there is a separate page on the recent Doom Eternal, which talks about using and getting the cheats introduced by the developers.

How to fix 403 Forbidden error in PUBG Lite?

There are several ways on the Internet to solve this problem. We will list all possible ones. Choose the ones that seem easier to you, and then try to apply them. If it doesn’t work, try other methods.

  1. The first option, which is not associated with any inconvenience, is updating your operating system. Since Windows 10 has been providing free updates even to pirates for a long time, there should be no problems with this item. Run the update, go have some cocoa and cookies, come back and enjoy.
  2. The second option is to add the game to the antivirus exceptions. It is possible that your Kaspersky or Avast is blocking some files (often an anti-cheat), which prevents you from connecting to the servers and starting the systematic destruction of the enemy.
  3. The third is the VPN connection. Although it is not currently required to play, it is possible that your passthrough is preventing you from accessing the PUBG servers for some reason. In this case, I recommend downloading Windscribe VPN – this is a free program that gives you 10 gigabytes of traffic. This is enough for you to play. Most importantly, do not forget to turn off your VPN when you surf the Internet and download updates.

These tips should be enough to solve the 403 Forbidden error in PUGB Lite for good. If none of the above tips helped, then you will either have to completely reinstall the game (preferably on a clean operating system), or wait for a saving update from the developers.

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