PS4 Error NP-38497-1

Usually,  error NP-38497-1  occurs due to a weak Internet connection (download to the network about 2-5 Mb / s), and therefore crashes during Share Play. The solution to error NP-38497-1  directly depends on the speed of the Internet.

If your network connection is above 2 Mb / s, and your friends have high-speed Internet access, then there should be no problems using Share Play. So, in order not to see error NP-38497-1 on TV screens, the following is recommended:

Step 1:  Connect the game console to the Internet using a LAN cable. In case of using Wi-Fi, it is recommended to place the set-top box near the router and make sure that there are no obstacles between them.

Step 2:  If possible, disconnect other devices that are using the same connection, or wait for them to shut down.

Step 3:  Select [Party] in the menu item and go to  [Party Settings] , then go to  [Video Quality for Share Play], where you need to select “Standard” for  [Frame Rate]  and  [Resolution] . To use Share Play on High settings, you must have a high-speed Internet connection.

You can check your connection speed by going to  [Settings]  and going to the [Network] tab. Here you need to click on  [Check Internet Connection].

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