How to find out who watches anonymous stories on Instagram

You use Instagram on a daily basis and, for this very reason, you have noticed that the stories you publish are also seen by accounts that you believe to be inactive. This made you think that, probably, there are people who use tricks, to see the content you have published without being discovered.

As you say, that’s the way things are and, therefore, you wonder how to find out who watches anonymous stories on Instagram? If so, I’d be happy to know that you happened upon just the right tutorial at the right time. In the next chapters of this guide, in fact, I will provide you with all the useful information about it, explaining what solutions are available to you to discover this information and also how to act, to prevent the subsequent occurrence of this situation.

If, therefore, you are looking forward to learning more, just take a few minutes of free time, to read this guide of mine calmly and to implement the procedures I am about to provide you. You will see that, by following them carefully, you will easily and quickly succeed in the intent you have proposed. At this point, all I have to do is wish you a good read and a big good luck for everything.


  • Preliminary information
  • How to find out who is secretly watching your stories
  • How to hide stories from fake profiles

Preliminary information

Before explaining how to find out who watches anonymous stories on Instagram, I need to give you some preliminary information about it.

First of all, you must know that there is no official method that allows you to view Instagram stories anonymously, since, when they are viewed through the app of the photo social network for Android or iPhone or from a PC, the author can see the profiles that have viewed them.

However, through the use of solutions such as the creation of fake accounts and the use of applications suitable for the purpose (as I also mentioned in my guide on how to see Instagram stories anonymously ), it is possible to be able to watch the stories of Instagram without revealing your identity.

In light of the above, there are ways to find those who watch Instagram stories anonymously, but only if they use fake accounts; if using apps that allow you to download the stories or access them in other ways while maintaining anonymity, the display is not recorded and, therefore, it is impossible to investigate their activity.

If everything is clear so far, I would say to ban the chatter and see how to find fake Instagram profiles that display your stories (or, at least, how to try to do so). Read on for all the details.

How to find out who is secretly watching your stories

As anticipated, you can find out if there are people who use fake accounts to view your stories secretly, directly using the Instagram app for Android (downloadable from the Play Store or from alternative stores ) and for iPhone (downloadable from the App Store ). In addition, you can also act from a PC, by connecting to the official Instagram site or using its application for Windows 10.

To get started, then start the Instagram application on your device or connect to its official website, and then log in to your account, if required. Now, go to the section of your profile by pressing on the thumbnail located in the lower right corner (in the Instagram app for Android and iPhone ) or in the upper right corner (on PC ).

Once this is done, click on your profile picture to see the published stories; scroll down (if you are using the smartphone app ) or click on the item Viewed by (if you are acting as a PC ) and you will be shown a list of people who have viewed your story: the fake accounts could be the ones you don’t they have set a profile picture and, consequently, have a profile picture represented by the little man icon.

In the event that an account of this type is present, press on it to view it, in order to try to understand if it is a fake account or simply a person who uses Instagram passively, without publishing content.

In any case, keep in mind that there is no official and infallible method to discover fake profiles: you can only investigate and draw possible personal conclusions. For example, the absence of a biography, combined with the total absence of posts and/or stories published and, at the same time, also of followers and profiles followed, could be an indicator that the account in question is used only for ” spy ”the content posted by other users without being discovered.

How to hide stories from fake profiles

In case you think you have identified one or more fake accounts among your followers, you can hide the stories on Instagram from them in a very simple way.

To start, log in to your Instagram account from the app, then press on the camera icon located in the upper left corner, to start the story creation tool, and tap on the gear icon located in the upper left corner.

At this point, click on Hide the story at and, in the next menu that is shown to you, type the username of the person you want to hide the story from. Then confirm the operation, by tapping the Do not show button, and repeat it for all the profiles to be blocked.

In case of doubts or problems, or for more information about it, refer to my guide in which I tell you in detail about how to hide stories on Instagram.


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