How to find a server on Discord

How to find a server on Discord. Servers in Discord are the most important components of this messenger. Users find thematic communities, communicate and play together. However, access to a specific server is not so easy, because the built-in search is limited, and you still need to ask for an invitation link from one of the participants. However, let’s take a closer look at how you can generally find a server in Discord.

How to find a server on Discord

First of all, I present a brief instruction for those users who opened this article in order to deal with the internal search and find the server in which they have already joined, but lost it in the list, forgot the name or remembers only the name of a certain channel. There are two useful features for list searching in Discord.

  1. First, pay attention to the block on the left. It displays absolutely all the servers in which you are a member. Try to find the right one by brute force or try to remember which badge it had.
  2. If this option does not suit you, activate the search bar, enter the name of the server or any information that you remember about it. This can be, for example, the name of the channel.
  3. Check out the search results and find the right one among them. Go to the server and start further interaction with it.

I repeat that this method is relevant only for finding a server in which you are already a member. If you are looking for new communities, start reading the following sections of this article.

Receiving or sending an invitation link

The most popular method of joining a Discord server is by getting an invite link. It is distributed through other social networks of community authors or between members. You can open the pages associated with the server on other social networks to find this link there. Another option is to ask a friend to send it to you. In the next instruction, I will just sort out where to find this very link. Show it to a friend or use it yourself if you want to invite your friends to the server.

  1. Click on the name of the target server to open its menu. From the list, select “Invite People” .
  2. A small window will open with all the necessary information. Through it, you can send an invitation to your friends or copy the link for further distribution through external sources.

Please note that the server administration can keep track of who uses the invitation links and from which participants they were received. To do this, it activates the appropriate settings, and then monitors the information in the server management section.

Exploring Public Servers

Public communities in Discord are officially confirmed servers. Mostly related to games, music, education or science. They are usually started by developers, content authors themselves or heads of some centers. These public servers are open, but you can only join them if there is still space left. The search for such communities is carried out as follows:

  1. On the panel with servers, you are interested in the button “Explore public servers” .
  2. After clicking on it, the Journey window will be displayed , in which you can use the section navigation if you know in advance what topic you want to find a community on.
  3. There is a built-in search for those who want to find the official community of a game, music group or educational institution.
  4. After clicking on any of the servers, general information and rules will appear. The transition to the channels will occur only after you agree to all the rules.

Using Sites to Monitor Servers

In conclusion, I will talk about the only method of freely searching for custom servers in Discord, which is suitable for ordinary users. Its essence lies in the fact that the creators themselves add the server to the monitoring site, determine its theme, indicate a description and other information. Further, users can freely interact with such sites and search for projects to their liking.

  1. Use the search engine by typing “Monitoring Discord Servers” in it . Any more or less adequate site will do, so I won’t recommend a specific one. On such resources, some of the servers are brought to the top for a fee. They are usually the most popular. You can look at their description, topic, number of participants and their online.
  2. There is always a division into topics, so turn on the filtering to leave only those communities that may be suitable for your purposes.
  3. Read the details on the server pages on the monitoring site. If any of them suits you, click on the appropriate button to go, wait for a redirect to the application and confirm your intention to join the server.

Each of the described methods has a place, differs in purpose and allows the user to find the required server among public or previously added ones. 

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