Google introduced Chrome OS 100

The new release of the operating system from Google contains a number of bug fixes and security updates. And among the changes in Chrome OS 100 are an updated application bar, a refined voice input function, a new report in the Google Admin console, and others.  

As stated in the Google blog , the updated application panel (Launcher) expands the search experience. For example, you can ask a question and get not a short answer, as before, but immediately an information block so that you don’t have to go to the browser to read. In addition, it will be possible to group applications in any form, and the panel itself is displayed on the side of the screen, which gives more space to work in already open windows. 

The Chromebook Camera app now comes with a GIF maker. To do this, you can open the camera, select to shoot video and slide the switch to GIF mode. The video will then automatically be converted into a 5-second animated GIF.

The voice input feature will support content editing. For example, through the command “delete” it will be possible to erase the last letter entered, and the command “go to the next character” will change the position of the cursor. The number of supported commands will increase over time.

In addition, Google notes the expansion of the list of supported devices for Chrome OS Flex and a new report in the Google Admin console, which will allow you to pay attention to devices that have performance problems. 

Chrome OS systems will reportedly receive updates within a few days.

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