How to farm in Minecraft

How to farm in Minecraft: By spending some of your free time on Minecraft, the famous “cube” game produced by Mojang (and now owned by Microsoft), you were able to experience the life of the adventurer. You have explored worlds, defeated monsters and built your own home.

After so many adventures, however, you thought it would be nice to stop for a moment and try to do something more relaxing, and you have therefore chosen to learn how to grow food: you have therefore wondered how to grow in Minecraft but so far you have not found any guide in able to explain the topic in a simple way, showing you how to perform various types of cultivation in the game world. That’s the way it is, true So let me tell you that you have landed on the right guide, at the right time.

In fact, below, it will be my pleasure to explain to you, with clarity and simplicity, the main cultivation methods of some of the most common plants in the world of Minecraft. Come on, roll up your sleeves immediately, dedicate a few minutes of your time to me and start your life as a “digital farmer”. I wish you a good reading and, above all, a good time!


  • Preliminary information
  • How to farm in Minecraft
    • How to grow wheat in Minecraft
    • How to grow pumpkins in Minecraft
    • How to grow mushrooms in Minecraft
    • How to grow carrots in Minecraft
    • How to grow cocoa in Minecraft
  • How to farm in Minecraft with mods

Preliminary Information

Before explaining in detail how to farm in Minecraft, let me tell you briefly about the usefulness of this activity in the game.

While it may seem like pure fun, growing food in Minecraft is actually a very useful operation. If, for example, you are planning to go on a long journey or to explore a very large cave, you will find it convenient to have a good supply of food on hand. And what better method than to grow your own food?

Also, you need to know that eating a variety of different foods provides an added bonus in Minecraft. Feeding yourself with different types of foods, in fact, the hunger bar will drop much more slowly: it is therefore extremely useful to always have different types of nutrition available to combine with each other.

How to farm in Minecraft

Now that I have explained to you the usefulness and importance of creating your own garden, I am ready to show you all the steps necessary to grow the main types of crops present in the game. Keep in mind that each crop needs special care: make sure, therefore, that you read all the passages that I am about to show you in order to quickly and easily learn what they are and how to apply them.

How to grow wheat in Minecraft

The grain is undoubtedly the most widely cultivated plant in Minecraft. You can find specimens in almost any village, and it is very useful as it only takes 3 units arranged horizontally in a Workbench to create Bread.

To grow wheat you must first get some wheat seeds, which you will plant later. Fortunately, finding the seeds is a very simple operation. It will be enough for you to interact by pressing the left mouse button with the grass present almost everywhere to have a chance of obtaining Wheat Seeds.

Now build a Hoe, which you will need to prepare the ground for growing seeds. To do this place, in the Workbench2 units of Crushed Stone or Wooden Planks at the top and 3 units of Wooden Planks vertically.

Now that you have a Hoe, dig a rectangle one unit deep and three units wide into the ground, as long as you like. Leave a strip of soil in the middle so that you can plant the seeds later.

So get some water, which you can collect by interacting with the water of the sea, a river or a pond, through a Bucket. Fill the rectangle with water until you get still water in each block. Once this is done, use the Hoe on the central strip of land by pressing the right mouse button. As you can see, the land will be plowed and, in a short time, it will change color becoming darker.

Well, the time has come to plant the seeds obtained earlier. Interact with the farmland by holding the Wheat Seeds in your hand and pressing the right mouse button to plant them. Remember that wheat needs light to grow, so surround your small garden with Torches to provide light for the crop even during the night.

Within a day or two, the grain will be ripe and ready for harvest. If you want to speed up the growth of your plants, you can use a bone meal obtained by working a single unit of bones.

Done! The wheat is ripe and you can collect it by pressing on it with the left mouse button. When you harvest wheat, you get, in addition to the wheat itself, a good amount of Wheat Seeds, which you can use to plant more wheat again and to expand your crop.

How to grow pumpkins in Minecraft

If you’ve stumbled upon a pumpkin during your adventures, you’ve surely wondered how to grow pumpkins in Minecraft. Well, the procedure you have to follow is very simple, as long as you have pumpkin seeds with you obtained by collecting the pumpkins you found in the world of Minecraft.

To grow your pumpkins, follow the same procedure that I illustrated to you regarding wheat but, in this case, do not dig a whole rectangle but a strip of land one unit wide and long at will.

Once the Pumpkin seeds have been planted, in fact, they will grow to produce a ripe pumpkin in the block adjacent to them, which must therefore be empty and available to accommodate the ripe fruit.

How to grow mushrooms in Minecraft

Exploring a cave or even the size of the Nether, you’ve found the brown mushrooms and red mushrooms and decided to try to grow them. Great idea, since mushrooms can make you a filling mushroom soup!

The procedure for growing mushrooms on Minecraft, however, requires some very important precautions, designed to create an environment suitable for the spread of this type of cultivation. Here are which ones.

First of all, you need to know that mushrooms need a dimly lit environment in order to grow. They also need to be sheltered from sunlight and cannot be planted outdoors. So dig an underground room 2 units high and as wide as you like.

Being an underground room and not being able to be lit by the sun, here’s how you can do to avoid the appearance of monsters and to make the area brighter.

For every 6 squares, dig 1 unit upwards and insert 1 Torch into the newly created cavity. In this way, you will be able to avoid the proliferation of monsters without generating too strong a light.

Now proceed to plant the mushrooms you have available in the ground, keeping them at least 3 units away from each other. Over time, you may notice the appearance of new mushrooms in the underground room.

How to grow carrots in Minecraft

Another very interesting food to grow in Minecraft is carrot. Nutritious and easy to obtain, the carrot lends itself very well to the purpose of creating a small vegetable garden.

The first step you need to take to grow carrots in Minecraft is to get at least one carrot in a village or during your explorations of the game world. Once obtained, you can follow the same procedure for growing wheat to be able to plant and grow other carrots.

How to grow cocoa in Minecraft

Cocoa is one of the most fascinating elements of arable Minecraft. If during your explorations you have come across a jungle, you will surely have noticed and collected the cocoa present on the trees and you will have wondered how to grow cocoa in Minecraft.

The procedure for obtaining this result is very simple and does not require special precautions. First, get some Jungle Log units from the trees in this biome. You can collect as many as you want, depending on how much cocoa you want to get.

You also get Cocoa Beans, by collecting the cocoa already present on the trees inside the jungle. The more you collect, the bigger the first crop will be.

Now arrange the trunks you just obtained, so as to form a sort of chessboard at least two units high : each trunk must have four free sides and each row of trunks must be offset by one unit from the previous row.

Now place the cocoa beans on the newly arranged trunks. Over time, the beans will grow to maturity. Once they have matured, harvest the fruits to obtain new beans that you can use as an ingredient or to expand your cocoa crop.

Easy, right? If after following my instructions and learning how to cultivate in Minecraft you want to beautify your vegetable garden, making it aesthetically better, you can also read my guide on how to build a farm in Minecraft and discover all the tricks aimed at getting your own farm.

How to farm in Minecraft with mods

Now that you’ve created your garden, you may be thinking of expanding the variety of foods available to plant and eat. If this is your intention, know that there is a mod made for this reason, called Pam’s HarversCraft 2 – Crops.

The Minecraft mod, as I think you already know, are add-ins created by the community to add new capabilities and content to the original game.

Through the mod Pam’s HarversCraft 2 – Crops, you will therefore be able to obtain new seeds and new plants to grow in your garden within Minecraft. To proceed, however, you must first install the mod management program, called Forge.

Therefore, connect to the official website and press the Installer button. Don’t forget to select, if necessary, the correct version of Minecraft from the panel on the left.

When the download is complete, open the forge-xxx-installer.jar file obtained, check the Install client box and click OK. In this way, you have installed the Forge profile bootable through the Minecraft launcher, capable of managing the mods you are going to add to the game.

Now connect to the Curseforge page containing the mod and click on the link pamhc2crops-xxx-xxxjar on the right, related to your version of Minecraft. Then press the Download button and move the pamhc2crops-xxx-xxxjar file you just downloaded into the Minecraft mod folder.

On Windows , the path to follow is C:\Users\[nome utente]\AppData\Roaming.minecraft\mods, while on macOS it is ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft/mods. For Windows, my guide on how to view hidden folders may be helpful.

Next, start the Minecraft Launcher, click on the down arrow icon , located on the left, select the Forge profile and press the Play button. Now, as you create a new game world, you may notice some interesting additions.

As you explore the game world, you will be able to find new blocks, called Gardens. These blocks produce some units of fruits and vegetables with English names, such as BlackberryBlueberryCactus FruitCandleberry and Cantaloupe. You will be able to collect the fruits or seeds of these crops and then plant them and get new elements for your garden.

You can find all the information regarding this mod and the elements added, as well as some tips on how to find the new elements and how to cultivate them on the official page of the mod, but only available in English.


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