How to enable WhatsApp calls

Your friends can’t call you on WhatsApp and you can’t start calls with them? There is obviously something wrong with your account as WhatsApp introduced VoIP calls (i.e. via the Internet) in 2015 and this feature is active on all software platforms that support the application: Android, iOS, Windows 10 and later (eg. Windows 11 ) and macOS.

If the function that allows you to make and receive calls is not yet active on your WhatsApp account , it is likely that you have not updated the very popular messaging app to the latest version or that you have not given it the right permissions to access all the functions. of your smartphone (e.g. microphone or camera). Therefore, to remedy the problem, in this tutorial I will explain in detail how to enable WhatsApp calls , updating the app from the store of your smartphone and verifying the correct activation of all the necessary permissions.

So, are you ready to get started? Yup? Fantastic! Sit down comfortably, take all the time you need to concentrate on reading the next paragraphs and, more importantly, put into practice the “tips” I will give you. You will see, if you scrupulously follow my instructions, you will not have the slightest problem in completing your “business” today. I wish you a good reading and, above all, a lot of fun!


  • How to activate calls on WhatsApp on Android
    • Update the app
    • Manage app permissions
  • How to activate WhatsApp calls on iPhone
    • Update the app
    • Manage app permissions
  • How to activate calls on WhatsApp from PC

How to activate calls on WhatsApp on Android

As anticipated, enabling calls on WhatsApp on Android is not complicated at all: all you have to do is go to the default virtual store of your smartphone and update the messaging app to the latest version, if available.

If, on the other hand, the app is already up to date, you need to make sure that you have granted the necessary permissions to access the microphone and the camera . Therefore, follow the instructions you find in the following chapters to carry out these checks.

Update the app

If you are having trouble using WhatsApp calls , please update the app manually or automatically to the latest version available by following the steps below.

If your Android smartphone is equipped with Google services, start the Play Store and, using the search engine, type WhatsApp , to locate the app card. If an update is available, click on the Update button.

Alternatively, in the Play Store , tap on your profile icon , select the Manage app and device item and check the list of apps to update in the Available Updates section . If the WhatsApp app is in this list, it means that it needs an update: then press the Update button to download the latest update available.

Also, check that the automatic app update function is active, so as to avoid missing out on the new features introduced on WhatsApp .

To do this, start the Play Store , press on your profile icon and go to the Settings menu> Network preferences >  Automatic app update . Now, choose whether to update apps via Wi-Fi only or to automatically update on any network . Finally, press the End key , to confirm your choice.

Did you install WhatsApp via the  APK file because your smartphone does not have Google services? In that case, you must also update via the WhatsApp APK file .

To start, make sure you have enabled the browser (for example Chrome ), to the installation of apps from external sources, by moving the lever located in the menu Settings> Security> Other settings> Install apps from external sources to ON . However, for a security issue, I recommend that you disable this consent, after completing the update procedure that follows in the next paragraphs.

Once this is done, connect to the official WhatsApp website to get the latest version of the app and press the Download button . At the end of the download, presses on the notification displayed on the smartphone display and press the Install and Finish buttons to finish the procedure.

In case of doubts or problems, I recommend reading my tutorial on  how to install APK and also the one in which I explain how to update WhatsApp for free.

Manage app permissions

To make sure you can take advantage of the calling function on WhatsApp , also make sure that the app has the necessary permissions to access the microphone and the camera.

To proceed, start the Android Settings app (the gear icon located on the Home screen and / or in the drawer), go to Apps and notifications> WhatsApp> Permissions .

Finally, press on the Camera and Microphone items , to make sure that, for both items, the options Allow only while the app is in use are selected.

How to activate WhatsApp calls on iPhone

Also as regards the activation of calls on WhatsApp from iPhone , you must verify that you have updated the messaging app to the latest version and that you have granted the permissions relating to the camera and microphone , which are necessary for the correct functioning of the calls on WhatsApp .

Therefore, follow the instructions I give you in the following lines, to carry out these checks in the correct way.

Update the app

Wondering how to enable WhatsApp calling on iPhone ? Again, if you are having trouble using this feature, you may need to update the app as you may be using an outdated version of the service.

Then go to the App Store and, through the search engine, locate the WhatsApp app card , to proceed with the manual update, if necessary, using the Update button .

Alternatively, presses on your thumbnail , scroll down the screen to check if there are any updates available and, if so, press the Update button located next to WhatsApp . In fact, if the app is present in the list it means that it needs to be updated.

I also recommend that you activate the automatic download function for app updates, to prevent the problem from happening again.

To proceed, go to the iPhone Settings , press the  App Store item and, if necessary, move the lever located at the  App Updates item to ON.

Manage app permissions

To be sure you can take advantage of the VoIP calling function on WhatsApp , also make sure that the app has the necessary permissions to access the microphone and the camera .

To proceed, start the iOS Settings app , press the  WhatsApp item (at the bottom) and, finally, make sure that the levers located next to the words Microphone and Camera  are set to ON.

How to activate calls on WhatsApp from PC

Can’t make calls on WhatsApp from PC ? In this case you must take into account that, at the present time, this functionality is only available in the WhatsApp client (or in the application) for Windows 10 (and later versions) and macOS 1 0 (and later versions). Therefore, if you are using WhatsApp Web, you will not have calls or video calls available.

Having said that, all you have to do, in this specific case, is to download WhatsApp for desktop via the official website of the service, by pressing the Download for Windows or Download for Mac OS X button , in order to carry out the wizard installation of the messaging service.

Alternatively, you can proceed by acting from the Microsoft Store, for Windows , by pressing the Install button or from the Mac App Store for macOS , by pressing the Get / Install button .

In this regard, in case of doubts or problems, or for more information on how to download WhatsApp on your PC , refer to the information I have given you in this tutorial of mine dedicated to the subject.

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