How to download Steam

How to download Steam: You are a video game enthusiast and, after buying a new computer, you have thought about turning to Steam, the platform you have heard about from your friends in which they usually buy games and software. Unfortunately, however, you are not very experienced in using the computer and you are not yet sure that you fully understand what Steam is and how to download it on your new generation device. You have therefore turned to me for help, in the hope that I will be able to solve your problems once again and clarify your doubts.

Well, if things are just the way I described them, I’m glad to know and you’ll be glad to hear you say, “Of course I can help you.” Technology and computer use is one of the main areas I deal with on my website. In this case, then, if you want to know how to download Steam, all you have to do is read this tutorial that I have prepared for you.

All you need is some free time: sit comfortably in front of the PC and carefully read the following lines. You will see that if you follow my instructions step by step you will not be able to go wrong. Let it bet? I wish you a good reading and a good “job”.


  • What is Steam
  • How to create a Steam account
  • How to download Steam on PC
  • How to download Steam on mobile devices

What is Steam

Steam is a digital distribution platform that offers a wide choice of video games of all genres. In addition to these, software or hardware components are also available; the latter will be sent directly to your home.

You can redeem some content for free or, generally, purchase a license to use it. Digital content distributed through this virtual store may be available for both Windows, but also for different operating systems, such as macOS and Linux.

However, Steam is not just a platform for digital purchases. There are features that allow users to interact with each other, both by means of chat and by means of online cooperation tools (multiplayer), if the product supports them.

There is also a large community available to discuss individual products, in case you have some technical difficulties or related to the internal components of the video game itself.

In addition to being able to interact with the products for purchases through the official website, you can also use the appropriate software which is an indispensable requirement to manage the downloads of the individual products purchased or redeemed for free .

For mobile devices there is also an application that allows you to carry out all the operations available on the website (purchase of products, chat with friends, Steam community), with the addition of the Steam Guard .

This is a tool to manage access to the platform, through a code that is continuously updated, so as to prevent malicious people from accessing your account, if for some reason, they came into possession of your email address and password of your Steam account.

How to create a Steam account

The minimum requirement to use Steam’s services is to create a free account . To do this, just go to the official Steam website and click on the button at the top right, Sign in .

The account will allow you to purchase the products in the store , both free of charge and for consideration, and also to interact with the Steam community.

After the Steam Login page opens, click the Join Steam button . You will be presented with an online form to fill in with all the data requested on the screen. You will then have to enter a username (of which you will, however, have to check its availability via the Check availability button ), a password and an email.

At the end you will have to enter the code you see on the screen to prove that you are a natural person who created the account and not a software. Finally, view the Steam subscription agreement and check the I accept box , and I declare that I am at least 13 years old .

With that done, click the Continue button , in order to receive an email in your inbox, containing a link to validate your email address.

From now on, you will be able to access Steam via the website or through the dedicated software for PC or mobile devices. To access the website, return to the Steam website and click the Sign In button . In the left section, type your username and password. Then click Login to log in.

How to download Steam on PC

As I already told you, Steam is also available for free as software on Windows, macOS and Linux operating systems. To download it, you simply need to go to the Steam website and click on the top right Install Steam button .

You will then be directed to a page from which to download the installation file. Then click the green Install Steam Now button to start downloading the file.

Once the file has finished downloading, if you have a Windows operating system, double-click the SteamSetup.exe file  Then click the Yes button  in the Windows User Account Control window . The installation window will then open, in which you will have to click on  Next  and then check the box to accept the license agreement.

Then click  Next  twice and then finish configuring the installation by clicking the Install button  . After the installation is complete, click the Finish button  . Steam will now download some files necessary to finalize its configuration.

If, on the other hand, your operating system is macOS, you will need to double-click on the steam.dmg file you just downloaded . In the window that opens, click the Agree button and drag the Steam icon into the Applications folder , as shown on the screen.

Then click on the Steam icon that you find inside the Launchpad and click on Open . Then wait for the download of all the files needed to complete the installation.

When all is done, Steam’s login interface will launch to access its services. Then click on the button Log in to an existing account , if you already have one, or on Create a new account , to create a new one.

After logging in, you will be able to access the Steam virtual store and purchase, download and install all the digital products that best suit your interests.

However, before you download or purchase any product, check that it meets the minimum requirements of your computer and, above all, that it is compatible with your operating system. In this regard, I refer you to reading my article where I explain how Steam works .

How to download Steam on mobile devices

Although the Steam mobile application does not allow the installation of any digital product present in its virtual store, you can still use it for all the other features of the platform.

In fact, you will be able to consult the store, purchase products and start their installation remotely, interact with the Steam community and chat with your friends; you can also manage logins via the Steam Guard feature .

If you are interested in downloading it, you can download it for free both from the virtual store of your mobile device with Android operating  system , and on those with  iOS  and  Windows 10 Mobile .

Once the download and installation are complete, start the application and enter your Steam account login details, typing your username and associated password. Then tap on the Login button , in order to log in.

Since the device you are connecting from is different from the one you used when you first logged in from your computer or website, you will probably be asked to enter an approval code, which will be sent to you via email.

Then enter the code that was sent to you in the dedicated field and click on the Send button . If the operation was successful, you will be able to navigate within the Steam app.

All the features of this application are available by tapping the  button . These include:

  • Steam guard: Steam’s access control system, which allows you to receive access codes (a two-step verification) and thus prevent unauthorized access. However, this feature must be activated in your account, by enabling the Steam Mobile Authenticator. Log into the Steam website and navigate to your account details; you will then find the possibility to enable this tool within the security settings.
  • Confirmations: If you are using Steam’s trading system, these will need to be enabled via a confirmation, which you can access in this section.
  • Chat: You will be able to view all your friends and start conversations privately.
  • Notifications: Whenever you receive a new comment, invitation, gift or new item in your Steam inventory, you will receive a notification and can manage it through this section.
  • Shop: is the section that guarantees you to consult all the digital products available in the digital store. You can also make purchases directly from the mobile application.
  • Community: You will be able to view the activities of the Steam community and interact with it.
  • You and friends: it is a section where you can manage your profile and also view the activities of your friends.
  • Library: All purchases made by you will be available within the Steam Library. You will then be able to view each digital product purchased and remotely start the download on your PC (which obviously must be turned on).
  • Support: if you have both a technical and administrative problem with a product purchased from the store, you can contact the support center and find a solution to your problem.


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