How to defeat Arlo

You are a Pokémon GO fan , but you just can’t complete Team Rocket missions. I can’t blame you, the special researches dedicated to the evil team of the game developed by Niantic are among the most difficult, as they require the defeat of really strong trainers to complete. Among them is Arlo , one of the three leaders of Team Rocket.

The leaders hide inside the Pokéstops and protect the leader Giovanni. Their teams are made up of really high-level Pokémon, with really fearsome offensive and defensive stats. If you have ended up on this guide, you are probably wondering how to defeat Arlo but, fear not, I am here to give you some useful tips to succeed.

Arlo has a team that is updated periodically, in any case I will keep you updated on any changes regarding the Pokémon he can use. To know how to find it and deal with it, all you have to do is get comfortable and follow this guide. Happy reading and good luck for everything!


  • How to find Arlo
  • How to defeat Arlo Pokémon GO
    • How to defeat Arlo Pokémon GO: Beldum
    • How to defeat Arlo Pokémon GO: Gardevoir / Infernape / Aggron
    • How to defeat Arlo Pokémon GO: Armaldo / Scizor / Salamence

How to find Arlo

Arlo , like all the leaders of Team Rocket, hides inside the Pokéstop conquered by the Team or inside the balloons that appear randomly on the screen. To find it, you will need a special tool – the Radar Rocket .

To get the Radar Rocket you will have to accumulate 6 Mysterious Components , obtainable by defeating the recruits. Once you have accumulated the right amount of Components, you will be informed via an on-screen alert, which will allow you to assemble the Radar useful for finding the leaders.

Alternatively, you can follow some Special Researches dedicated to Team Rocket, which will guide you to the battle with Arlo and the other leaders. There will always be a need to assemble the Radar and activate it via the Backpack , but you will be rewarded with other rewards to help you prepare for battle.

Some Team Rocket Special Researches allow you to face Team Leaders, rewarding the player with encounters of powerful Shadow Pokémon to catch. I will show you, therefore, some of the missions activated over time by Niantic, in which it is possible to find the objective of defeating Arlo .

The Special Researches with which it is possible to face the leaders of Team Rocket GO are those concerning the leader, Giovanni . They are activated by Niantic every month with a different name, but with very similar steps.

To have access to these missions it is necessary, first of all, to complete the one called “A difficult situation” . To find the Research in question, tap on the orange icon in the shape of a telescope , at the bottom right, then find the corresponding mission.

To unlock Giovanni’s Special Researches, you will need to complete the mission “A Difficult Situation” , which is divided into 4 main steps. First you will have to evolve 2 Pokémon , after which you will have to make 5 upgrades .

The second step consists in capturing 2 Shadow Pokémon , which can be encountered after defeating the recruits of Team Rocket hidden in the corrupt Pokéstop (you can recognize them by the black ball). Next, you’ll need to beat 3 recruits to get through this step as well.

Finally, before claiming the rewards in the fourth step, you will need to purify the 3 Shadow Pokémon you have captured and then purify 3 more, each of a different type (especially Grass , Water and Fire types ).

Once this Special Research is completed, you will have access to quests to find Giovanni, which have similar mechanics and are renamed every month. Each of these will give you access to battles against Arlo , Cliff and Sierra , the three leaders of Team Rocket.

Some of the most famous are those called “A Menacing Shadow Advances” , “Threats in the Darkness” and “An Interesting Newness” . I advise you to deepen them in the guide I dedicated to how to beat Giovanni in Pokémon GO .

In any case, these Special Researches will allow you to challenge the leaders in the fourth step , after having dealt with the recruits of Team Rocket several times and having accumulated the necessary Mysterious Components useful to assemble a Radar Rocket .

In particular, to assemble the object in question you will have to tap on the Assemble item , in the popup that will be shown on the screen after you have accumulated 6 mysterious components . Once this is done, press on the Pokéball in the center of the screen and then on the Bag button . In the proposed menu you will find the Radar Rocket to activate.

Once activated, you will be shown on the screen the Pokéstops in which you can find the leaders, but be careful: the meeting with Arlo, Cliff or Sierra is not guaranteed and, indeed, you may have to search within more Pokéstops before you find them.

In any case, the Radar Rocket will only run out in the moment of the battle against a recruit or a leader, so you can continue to search by keeping it active until you have identified the trainer you want to face.

How to defeat Arlo Pokémon GO

Arlo , like his teammates, owns a highly competitive team, featuring several of the strongest Pokémon in the game. His team varies according to the missions Niantic has activated over the months, but in this guide I’ll show you some of the variations he can field.

Team Rocket leaders’ Pokémon can reach 11,000 CP , so you’ll need to prepare a fully trained team, or you’ll need to work hard on the opposing team’s weaknesses. I’ll show you the types of Pokémon that Arlo can field and the order in which he can choose to send members of his team to the field. Arlo is one of the members of Team Rocket with the widest variety of types, so my advice is to prepare more teams to take on him.

How to defeat Arlo Pokémon GO: Beldum

The first Pokémon that Arlo will send out will be Beldum , of the Steel / Psychic type . This Pokémon represents the base form of Metagross , so it won’t have stats as high as its second evolution.

In any case, it remains one of the most fearsome Pokémon on its team, as its pair of types makes it resistant to almost all attacks in the game, including Dragon , Ice , Normal , Grass , Steel , Rock , Flying- type attacks. , Psycho , Elf and Poison .

The incredible variety of defenses of this Pokémon, makes it scratchable only by certain types of moves, namely those Fire , Dark , Ghost and Earth . I’ll show you now the best Pokémon of these types with which you can effectively face Beldum.

One of the best “counter” for Beldum is definitely Chandelure , a Pokémon that has the double Fire / Ghost type and is able to learn fast moves such as Burnt , Fire Whirlwind or Misfortune and main moves such as Shadow Ball , Flush and Nitrocharge , all super-effective. against Beldum.

An excellent alternative among Ghost Pokémon remains Gengar , Ghost / Poison Pokémon capable of annihilating the defenses of Arlo’s first Pokémon through Lick, Shadow Ball, Shadow Claw or the Dark Black Pulse move . Gengar is one of the strongest Ghost Pokémon in the game, so it’s also one of the recommended choices for battling Arlo’s remaining Pokémon.

In case you don’t have a Ghost Pokémon that is up to it, you can rely on Fire- type ones such as, for example, Darmanitan , available in both Standard and Zen form. This Pokémon has a very high Attack stat, and has access to powerful moves like Scorch and Flush .

Among the strongest Fire Pokémon are also the legendary Moltres and Entei and the Generation IV Infernape starter . This Pokémon, thanks to the double Fighting type , is also very useful if you find yourself against Dark-type Pokémon.

His most powerful move is definitely Fire , which he shares with another starter evolution, Typhlosion . If, however, he wanted to hit her weakness to attack Earth , the best Pokémon to use are Excadrill , Mamoswine and Flygon .

All three have access to the Earthquake move , which is the most effective Ground move for battling Steel- type Pokémon . Avoid using Pokémon of any type other than these to battle Beldum, unless they have Ghost, Dark, Ground, or Fire-type attacks in their Moveset .

How to defeat Arlo Pokémon GO: Gardevoir / Infernape / Aggron

As the second Pokémon, Arlo can choose between Gardevoir , Infernape and Aggron : three fully evolved Pokémon with strong offensive skills.

In case you chose Ground- type Pokémon , you would be able to get by this turn even if Arlo chose Infernape or Aggron, while Gardevoir will need Ghost Pokémon .

Gardevoir, in fact, is a powerful Psychic / Fairy- type Pokémon , which shows its side only to Poison , Ghost and Steel moves . In that case, the usual Gengar can be very useful , as he can annihilate Gardevoir’s defenses through Shadow Ball .

Among the Pokémon with Steel moves, the strongest is definitely Metagross , who can rely on Dungeon Punch and Meteor Punch , the two strongest Steel attacks in the game. Metagross will also be able to provide a great defense against Gardevoir’s Psychic attacks, thanks to its combination of Steel / Psychic types .

As for Pokémon with Poison- type moves , however, you can choose Roserade , which through attacks such as Poison Sting and Mud Bomb can put Gardevoir in difficulty.

However, it is not the recommended solution, since the Poison attacks would be completely ineffective against the other two Pokémon that Arlo could send out: Infernape and Aggron .

In case Arlo sends Infernape into the field , you will have to rely on Pokémon of the Water , Psychic , Ground or Flying type , given its Fire / Fighting type . Infernape is a purely offensive Pokémon, so you will need a team member with high defensive characteristics.

The Pokémon indicated, therefore, are mostly the Legendary ones, such as Mewtwo , Kyogre or Groudon . The former has access to very powerful Psychic moves, such as Confusion , Psycho Slam , Psycho Cut , and Psychic , capable of inflicting super-effective attacks against Infernape.

The best Psychic alternatives are represented by Alakazam or Espeon , non-legendary and more easily obtainable Pokémon, which however have fewer defenses against Infernape’s powerful attacks.

The best Water Pokémon to use against him is definitely Kyogre , capable of nullifying the defenses of Arlo’s Pokémon through Surf and Waterfall . Also recommended Kingler , Crawdant and Clawitzer , Pokémon able to learn the powerful move loaded Martellata .

The best Ground Pokémon to use against Infernape are Landorus , Flygon, and Rhyperior , as Excadrill and Mamoswine have weaknesses to Fire- type attacks .

The best attacks to teach these Pokémon are Mud Slap and Mud Strike for quick moves, Geoforce and Earthquake for charged ones.

The Ground-type is also very useful for knocking out Aggron , the last Pokémon that Arlo could send into play second. The Steel / Rock- type makes it extremely weak to this type of attack, giving it a Ground-type weakness for 256% .

Therefore, I advise you to team up a Pokémon of this type in the second slot, in order to be able to counter both Beldum and one between Infernape and Aggron. In the first slot, I would tell you to put a Ghost type instead, so you can counter Beldum and possibly Gardevoir.

How to defeat Arlo Pokémon GO: Armaldo / Scizor / Salamence

As a third Pokémon, Arlo can rely on one of Armaldo , Scizor and Salamence , in its Shadow version . The latter is the strongest Pokémon that Arlo can send out, as it represents one of the pseudo-legendaries of the game.

In case Armaldo is sent out , my advice to knock him out easily is to equip yourself with Pokémon Water , Rock or Steel , as this Pokémon has the double Rock / Beetle type .

Among the Water Pokémon , Kingler , Clawitzer and Crawdant are always recommended , as well as Metagross among those Steel. Surf , Hammered and Meteor Punch are the best attacks to defeat Armaldo and remain the best solutions to deal with him.

The Pokémon that have access to the strongest Rock moves , on the other hand, are represented by Aggron and Mamoswine , who, despite their type, can learn moves such as Stone Edge and Forzantica .

Scizor is the second Pokémon that can be used last by Arlo and has only one weakness to the Fire- type . Being a Steel / Bug- type Pokémon , Fire moves will deal 256% damage to it , putting it in great difficulty.

The best Pokémon to choose for fighting it are the legendary Reshiram and Moltres , while more affordable Pokémon are represented by Darmanitan , Chandelure , Volcarona and Flareon .

The most suitable moves for these Pokémon to learn are definitely Flush , Fire Fang , Burning and Fire , since they represent those with the highest damage per second values ​​in the game, as regards the Fire type.

To fight Scizor, rather avoid relying on types such as Dragon , Steel , Ice , Psychic , Normal , Bug , Fairy , Grass, and Poison , as their moves can be countered with confidence by this Pokémon.

The last Pokémon that Arlo can rely on is Salamence , a fearsome Dragon / Flying- type pseudo-legendary and greater danger to your team. This Pokémon has a very high attack and defense value and easily resists Fighting , Water , Beetle , Fire , Grass and Ground moves .

The best way to KO it is to use an Ice- type Pokémon , as it would double super-effectively attack the Dragon / Flying- type .

In this regard, the best choice could be represented by Mamoswine , who has access to both Earth, both Rock, and Ice moves, capable of countering both Salamence and Armaldo or Scizor .

Other useful Ice-types include Kyurem , Galar-form Darmanitan , and Glaceon , which can learn moves such as Ice Fangs , Slavina , Bora, and Polneve .

Salamence’s weakness to Rock- types allows Mamoswine to counter it even with attacks such as Stone Edge and Forzantica , which can also put Arlo’s other possible choices in difficulty.

Ultimately, my advice is to team up a Ghost Pokémon , able to counter Beldum and Gardevoir , a Ground Pokémon , capable of putting Aggron and Infernape in difficulty, and a Pokémon with Rock moves , so that you can KO Salamence o Armaldo and to be able to effectively attack Scizor .

So, are you ready? Brace yourself and stock up on Potions and good luck in the battle against Arlo!


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