How to get Gallade in Pokémon GO

Did you know that Gallades can only evolve from a male Kirlia, but Gardevoirs can be both male and female? I guess when Gallade was designed someone wanted to make a more masculine counterpart to Gardevoir, but that falls through when a Gardevoir can be either male or female. Oh good. Either way, here’s how to get Gallade into the system. Pokemon GO .

As in the main Pokémon games, the process of transforming a Kirlia into a Gallade in Pokémon GO follows several steps similar to the process of transforming a Kirlia into a Gardevoir, but with some additional additions at the end. First, like in the main games, only a male Kirlia can evolve into a Gallade, which means you’ll need to catch a male Ralts first and evolve into a Kirlia. This whole process can take a while, so make sure you have a good Ralts in your hands before committing to him.

How to get Gallade in Pokémon GO

Ralts needs 50 Ralts Candies to evolve in Kirlia, then an additional 100 Ralts Candies to evolve again. However, if you just give the candy to Kirlia, it will only evolve into Gardevoir. To get Gallade, you need something extra: a Sinnoh Stone. Sinnoh Stones are rare items that are primarily used to evolve Pokémon back to their original Sinnoh form, which happens to be Gallade.

Sinnoh Stones are sometimes given away in events or rewarded in PvP fights, but other than that, the most consistent way to get one is by completing research tasks for seven consecutive days. In other words, you have to play the game properly for an entire week, and I mean… correctly . And not just logging in and ticking a box.

With 100 Candies and the Sinnoh Stone, just visit your Male Kirlia’s page, and you can evolve into Gallade.


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