How to create an event in Discord

Events in Discord appeared not so long ago, so this feature can be considered new. Not all users know about it yet, because you need to read the patch notes or independently explore the server menu for the appearance of new buttons. Therefore, within the framework of this article, I want to dwell in detail on the process of creating and configuring an event, because this can be useful for many server owners.

Creating an event in Discord

I’ll start with the main task – creating the event itself. It will be visible to all server participants and everyone will be able to join it, having previously familiarized themselves with what kind of event is expected. Just for clarity, appropriate settings are needed, including the choice of time, place and topic for the event.

  1. By default, only the server owner or administrator can create an event. If you are interested in granting permissions for other roles, skip to the final section of this material and read the instructions. For now, let’s look at the main process. Expand the server menu by clicking on its name and select “Create event” .
  2. Choose a venue by marking the appropriate point with a marker.
  3. If you indicated “Elsewhere” , add the name of the text channel, a link to any conference or address for a live event.
  4. In the case of voice channels, all chats that already exist on the server will appear in the list.
  5. The next step is the main parameters of the event. First, enter a title or topic, then enter the start date and time by filling in the appropriate fields. Below you will find a description box to describe the event in more detail.
  6. Click the “Upload cover” button if you want to select a picture for this event.
  7. Adjust its size according to the proposed frame and confirm the download.
  8. It remains only to see what happened. Go back and make adjustments if necessary. When finished, click the Create Event button .
  9. Use the link that appears to send invitations to members who have not yet joined this server.

In exactly the same way, you can create several events at once for different or the same time. They will be displayed as a list in a separate window, which I will cover in the next section of the article.

Viewing and configuring an event

Now let’s look at how a normal user sees that an event has appeared on the server, as well as how to change an already existing event (if you are the owner, administrator, or have the appropriate role) or see the number of registered participants.

  1. The line “1 event” will appear in the channel list . The figure will change depending on how many upcoming events are created. Click on this line to open the corresponding menu.
  2. You see the basic data about the event, its description, venue and added cover. All events are displayed as tiles and arranged according to the date of the event. Pay attention to the counter on the right: it shows the number of interested participants.
  3. Everyone can share the event or click the “Interested” button so that other users can see the approximate number of future participants and those who are at least interested in the upcoming event.
  4. Distribution of information about the event occurs by copying and sending a link or through the window “Invite friends to the event” , through which you can send an invitation to all friends in bulk.
  5. In the additional menu, a regular user has only a few options available: adding to the calendar, sending a complaint, and copying the link. Users with the appropriate rights can edit, start an event or cancel it altogether.
  6. I note that adding to the calendar is carried out by one of four methods, which are indicated in the screenshot below.

The developers have added almost everything required for events, ensured that the tiles look good and implemented the necessary settings. You just have to use this function for your own purposes, thereby adding even more interactive to the server.

Editing a Role to Create Events

Finally, I’ll show you how to quickly set up user roles to allow them to create and edit events. Please note that such privileges can only be granted to verified moderators or certain individuals who will not delete events unnecessarily or mislead other server members.

  1. Open the server menu and click the Server Settings button .
  2. Go to the “Roles” section and left-click on the role you want to edit.
  3. You are interested in the “Permissions” tab and the “Event Management” switch , which is located at the end of the list.
  4. Activate it and be sure to click on Save Changes before exiting .

Use the new event creation feature to interact with server members. Notify them about the event by sending them in the news chat, if such is provided on your server. Do not forget to launch such meetings on time and conduct them in accordance with the established rules.

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