Android will introduce the function of archiving applications

According to The Verge , Android will have a program archiving feature. With it, it will be possible to cut down the size of applications, while maintaining access to user data. 

Developers from Google explained that this feature works like a partial software removal, helping to reduce the size of the program by 60%. At the same time, it remains on the device and can be launched at any time (after unpacking).

The feature will become available to developers with the release of the Bundletool utility, but it will be useless for users until the official release is scheduled for 2022. At the same time, developers will be able to refuse to implement the corresponding functionality in their applications. 

The benefits of such an option are obvious. We can confidently say that the process of archiving and unzipping will take less time than the complete removal and installation of the application. Saving data is also a big plus. And for users from countries with expensive Internet, this will help save traffic.

How the function will look in the system is still unknown. There will probably be an “Archive” button displayed next to the “Delete” button, or the corresponding option will appear after an attempt to uninstall the software.

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