How to create a CS 1.6 server: 4 ways

Counter-Strike 1.6 is one of the oldest and most popular online shooters. The official servers of the game are still functioning, and new ones are being actively created.

Today I will talk about how to create a CS 1.6 server by yourself. We will touch on different methods of creation so that each player finds an option for himself.

How to create a CS 1.6 server using SteamCMD

SteamCMD is an official console utility from Valve designed to install and update servers that can operate both on a local computer and via hosting. You can use this solution even without an account on Steam itself, which is suitable for users of unlicensed versions of the game. However, Steam servers, as well as having an account, allow you to use all the benefits from developers.

As for the procedure for creating a server, on a computer running Windows, it looks like this:

  1. Go to the official  Valvewebsite to download the latest SteamCMD installer for Windows. Linux owners need to familiarize themselves with the installation commands.
  2. Run the extraction to any folder you created earlier where you want to put all the utility files.
  3. Upon completion, log in as Anonymous by entering the login  anonymous,or through an existing account on Steam, specifying your login after the command announcement.
  4. Log in with SteamGuard and proceed to the next step.
  5. Create another empty folder where you want to place the files of the created server. Copy its path through Explorer or remember to use it later in the console.
  6. In a running SteamCMD console, enter force_install_dir + the path to the folder you just createdto install the server files.
  7. Get updates for CS 1.6 via the app_update 90 validatecommand .
  8. If an error occurs, enter this command again until you receive a notification that the files have been successfully installed.
  9. A file called exewill appear in the target folder , which is responsible for starting the server on the local computer.
  10. As a game in the new window, select Counter-Strike, and set the rest of the parameters at your discretion.
  11. Don’t forget the RCON password and activate the standard VAC anti -cheat if you want to protect your server.
  12. After launch, a new graphical window will appear in which you can change the server configuration and manage players.

The advantage of this method is that you get not just a working CS 1.6 server to run on your local machine, but also almost all the necessary files in order to transfer them to a third-party hosting. In this case, you will not have to download dubious builds, and you will also be sure that you have received a working version. It remains only to upload it to the hosting via an FTP client, add plugins and check if it works.

The same can be done through the console on the purchased VDS, using the instructions for using SteamCMD on Linux. Read more about this and other commands for interacting with this tool in the official documentation from the developers.

Trying Free Servers

Previously, the topic of temporary servers for Contra 1.6 was popular, when any user could open a special site, order a server there, get a ready-made IP address and an administrator account. This is how some clan games and training with friends were held. Now most of these resources have closed, since Counter-Strike 1.6 is losing its popularity, and it is very expensive to maintain such projects. However, there are free hostings with a long trial period and other privileges that allow you to get a server for free for a certain amount of time.

The disadvantages of such sites are that they provide a limited number of slots, a minimum connection speed, and also set other restrictions provided for by the test period. In addition, it will definitely end, and you will either have to pay or inform the players that you are moving to another site.

This option causes certain difficulties, so it is better to bypass free hosting and immediately switch to a reliable, albeit paid, option.

Creating a CS 1.6 server on VDS

You can create a Counter-Strike 1.6 server on a game VDS. This option is used by most players who want to open their own project. You do not need to keep the local machine constantly turned on, there are much more opportunities in terms of installing plugins and other innovations, the server speed is significantly increased both from the hardware side and from the connection side (players will have less ping).

I’ll show you how to create a game server using Timeweb’s VDS as an example, since the hosting tried to make the whole process as friendly and understandable as possible for beginners.

  1. Go to the  main page from the service .
  2. After registration, you can immediately create a new server.
  3. Give it any name and add a comment if required.
  4. It is recommended to choose Debian 10 as the operating system, since you can immediately install a ready-made server assembly on it.
  5. In the list with additional software, be sure to select EngineGP, since this tool is responsible for working with the CS 1.6 server.
  6. Click on the “Next” button to proceed to the next step, after enabling additional functions, if necessary.
  7. You will find ready-made server configurations or you can customize your own depending on the requirements and the right price.
  8. Once the server has been created, it must be enabled.
  9. Go down to the block with the list of used IPs, copy IPv4 into the address bar of your browser and follow it.
  10. Start choosing a server for Counter-Strike 1.6.
  11. Fill out the game server rental form depending on your preferences.
  12. Now you have your own game server, which you can turn on and go to manage it.

I will briefly talk about the main advantages of ordering a server on EngineGP. In the game server management window, which is highlighted in the following screenshot, you see a huge number of tabs. With their help, you can connect plugins, customize maps and interact with other files located on the server. You can connect all plugins in one click without the need to download separate directories with configuration files.

Attention! When navigating by IP address on the EngineGP website, you must log in using the credentials that will be sent to your email after the operating system is created. The letter contains this same address, login (root) and a unique login password. After authorization, arrange a server lease.

How to create a Counter-Strike 1.6 server to play on a local network

In conclusion, I will consider a method that is suitable for everyone who wants to play CS 1.6 online with their friends. In this case, there is only one condition – all computers must be connected to the same local network in order to connect to the main server.

  1. Launch the launcher and start a new game by selecting any map. If your build is with bots, you can add or disable them as you wish.
  1. In the “Game” tab , all the basic settings are available that you can set before creating a local server.
  1. Wait for loading, select a side and press Escto return to the menu. Here you are interested in the item “Find servers”.
  2. Go to the “Local Network” tab and open the details of your server (only the current one will be displayed there).
  3. Share its IP address with other users so they can connect to it by typing connect + IP addressin the console .

This option has several variations, which depend on the organization of the local network between computers. Sometimes you have to start Hamachi and only after that create a game (IP address is copied from Hamachi with standard port 27015 ) .

If computers have a static IP address (which is especially true for gaming clubs or computer science classes), after creating the game, the connect command specifies the IP address of the computer from which the server was launched and the port itself (for example,

So, I have covered all the available options for creating your own CS 1.6 server. Choose the right one and start following the instructions!


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