How to add ranks to Counter-Strike 1.6 server

Almost every Counter-Strike 1.6 game server has a ranking system that distributes both places in tops and personal titles of each player with accrued experience. Of course, the corresponding plugin is rarely present in standard server builds, so you have to find and install it yourself.

This is what I will talk about further, presenting to your attention the two available options.

Option 1: Adding ranks in the CS 1.6 server control panel

First, let’s touch on a simpler option for adding ranks to the server – using the control panel. Accordingly, only those who rent  a CS 1.6 server on Timeweb hosting or another that provides the same services will be able to resort to it. The server control panel in Timeweb allows you to enable the most popular plugins in a few clicks, which also applies to those that collect statistics. The execution of the task is as follows:

  1. Open the game server control panel, go to the list of plugins and open the Statistics section .
  2. Find the plugin called INFO_RANK_V0.1 and proceed to install it.
  3. If there is a button to remove it next to the plug-in name, then the installation was successful.

It is recommended to restart the server in order to update its operation and improve the functioning of the plugin. After that, you can check its work yourself. The advantage of this method is that you don’t have to configure anything else.

Option 2: Manual installation of plugins on the CS 1.6 server

If the above instructions do not suit you, you will have to manually search for and install a suitable plugin that would display top players or add titles to the server. As for the progression system, here you have a choice between several popular plugins:

  1. Army Ranks is the most popular plugin for adding ranks to the server. By its name, you can already understand that each rank corresponds to the army. Each version of the plugin has a different progression system, that is, a set number of points that you need to score in order to increase your rank. Most of them can be edited, so read the instructions from the developers carefully.
  2. Lite Ranks is almost identical to the previous plugin, with a slightly modified code. You can understand the difference only if you are developing plugins yourself and know the nuances of using various scripts.
  3. LEVEL SYSTEM – suitable in those situations when you want to add ordinary levels without their names and binding to the military theme. The functioning of the plugin does not change in any way: the level is displayed for the player next to the progress bar.

There are other highly specialized plugins that are responsible for adding a level system to the server. Always give preference to plugins posted on well-known forums and trusted sites where there are real reviews and detailed instructions from the developers. As for the installation of such a plugin, it is performed in several steps.

Step 1: Getting plugin files to add ranks in CS 1.6

After downloading the plugin, you will have an archive with folders and individual files. Usually inside there is a text document describing the installation process, so be sure to read it before moving on to further steps. No difficulties should arise. Usually folders are copied with replacement or merging. 

Step 2: Uploading files to the server 

If your server is rented from a hosting provider, log in to the FTP client, open the shared directory and transfer the plugin files according to the instructions from the developers. When interacting with a local server, edit its main directory directly.

Step 3: Editing and Testing the Plugin

After upgrading FTP, be sure to restart the server for the new plugin to start working. Check that all files are present and, if necessary, edit the configuration file by changing the name of the ranks or the number of points needed to obtain them.

These were two easy ways to add ranks to a Counter-Strike 1.6 server. Even a user who has not previously encountered installing plugins will cope with this. 

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