How to create a Christmas card in VistaCreate

Ready-made postcards for the holidays do not convey sincere emotions, so please your family, surprise your friends, colleagues and business partners with a personal greeting in a stylish modern design. Ready-made templates of the graphical online editor VistaCreate are easily adapted to your needs. You do not need to download the program to your PC, the entire process of creating congratulations takes place online.

Templates are developed by experienced artists, graphic artists, web designers from all over the world. The standard dimensions of postal and online formats, the harmonious combination of colors, the placement of text and visual accents were taken into account.

Change backgrounds, colors, add your own text. Any recipient, regardless of age and social status, will appreciate a personal congratulation in a trendy design.

A simple online editor VistaCreate (formerly Crello) helps to create an author’s greeting for the holiday without the services of professional artists and web designers. Using the web application has the following benefits:

  • the user does not need to download the program to the computer;
  • the editor quickly corrects errors made during the editing of the template;
  • the program saves ready-made templates and your design;
  • The postcard is easy to edit for different recipients.

Tips for creating a postcard on the VistaCreate template

Trust the taste and sense of proportion of the authors of the templates. Do not forget that changing the color, shifting the picture, adding graphics can break the harmony that attracted you to the template.

Before you create New Year’s card , consider the identity of the recipient, the nature of your relationship with business partners, colleagues, clients:

  • humor and personal wishes are appropriate in greeting cards for your family and friends;
  • subtle irony in a corporate tone of voice is acceptable in texts for colleagues and clients;
  • keep the formal style in official congratulations on behalf of the company.

How to prepare for making a postcard

In any case, preparation is necessary. In order not to miss anything, use the following tips:

  • Make a list of recipients: parents, children, relatives, friends, neighbors, clients, colleagues, business partners, executives. Specify names, patronymics, company names. An unfortunate mistake in the name can spoil the whole impression of a surprise.
  • Prepare the text of congratulations. It should be short, concise and meaningful. Check spelling and spelling. Separate the blocks of text that will become the title, title, or signature.
  • The volume of text is small, small print is difficult to read. In the printed version, use both sides of the message: on the front side there is a picture and a short congratulation, on the back – the main text.
  • Come up with a signature.
  • Prepare high-quality photographs, pictures, backgrounds, logos in electronic format that you plan to use in congratulations.

We will show an example of creating a New Year’s card, but in a similar way, you can create a card design on any other topic.

How to start creating a New Year’s card in VistaCreate

Go through a simple registration process on the site. Use your account from the options offered by the program, or enter the current e-mail and password.

Authorization provides quick access to previously viewed, used and edited templates. This is useful if you want to change the recipient’s name on the card without adjusting the design.

Open Templates. In front of you is a working field. The left side of the screen is the program options, they allow you to create a New Year’s card with a unique design.

How to choose a postcard template

This is the first section in the list of options. There are hundreds of thousands of templates in the online editor’s collection. In order not to waste time, set the search filter by word.

New Year’s card template search algorithm:

  • enter the theme “new year” in the search box;
  • compare postcard designs by scrolling through ready-made templates in the left corner of the screen;
  • when you click on the picture, it will open in the main field;
  • replace the template if it doesn’t fit;
  • leave in the working field the option that you will adapt.

Zoom in: at the bottom there is an adjustment “+” and “-“. The document format is indicated at the top of the graphical editor. Images marked with a miniature diamond are available to owners of the Pro package.

How to change the background of a postcard

Open the “Backgrounds” filter, drag a new background onto the card. Compare multiple options.

The visible part of the background in the catalog will be cropped to fit the postcard format. Change the background size or save the option suggested by the program.

Many postcards have a pre-installed transparent background: snowflakes, Christmas trees, gift outlines. Delete the extra image or combine two background layers.

How to add or change a photo on a postcard

At the top of the site there is a section “Materials”. Choose suitable free images from the stock photo collection.

In order not to lose images that may be useful in your work, use the “Favorites” option. It is enough to mark the image of a heart on the template so that it is saved in your personal folder.

Specify in the search box “New Year”, select images that fit the design you have in mind. Change the image format. There is a filter on the left side of the screen: a rectangle with a horizontal or vertical image, a square. Add your own photo archive to the My Projects folder.

In the working part of working with the document, select the “Photo” option. Select the desired image, transfer it to the work surface. Change the size, tilt angle, crop part of the picture.

In the upper right corner there is a “Layers” filter. Change the position of the picture in relation to the inscriptions and other decorative elements. Apply photo filters to give the image brightness, contrast, drama, romance.

How to change the inscription on the postcard

Change texts and inscriptions as delicately as possible. The templates use original fonts, many do not support Cyrillic. In this case, select the appropriate font from the style collection in the “Texts” option.

While you are working with text, the font, size, color replacement window is activated. The design is similar to the usual panel of the Word document editor, text adjustment is intuitive.

How to add objects or shapes to a postcard

In the “corporate identities” option, use logos and fonts from the brand book to support the corporate identity of the company.

In the “Objects” option, choose pictures, shapes, social media logos, masks, films, frames, icons, web elements.

If something went wrong, you can always undo the action with the arrow at the top of the screen, make changes in any part of the project – from the background and font to photos and inscriptions.

How to send a postcard online without downloading

If you plan to additionally place the postcard on social networks, the program allows you to change the size of the finished image into the format of a temporary blog header, banner, or create your own size.

Effortlessly send the finished postcard to social networks. Select the “Share” option at the top right. Specify the recipient’s e-mail or social network. One click and your postcard has been sent.

How to download a postcard on a PC

There is a Download button in the top right corner of the screen. Select the format in which you want to save the image on your PC. To export the created design, output formats are available: PDF, PNG, JPG, MP4, GIF.

Article Conclusions

For a long time there has been a tradition to congratulate relatives, colleagues or partners on the upcoming holidays or other significant dates with the help of postcards. To create a greeting card, the user can use the services of the online service VistaCreate – a graphic editor on the Internet. Send congratulations without downloading, change the format to meet the requirements of social networks, use creative templates, fill them with your emotions, wishes, warmth.

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