What to do with the message: “Deceptive site ahead!” in google chrome

According to Google, “Deceptive sites are those that try to trick you into doing something dangerous, such as installing software or disclosing your personal information (passwords, phone numbers, credit cards).” Among the reasons:

  • Pages containing script codes that are not safe to load.
  • The page is loading too many scripts from unauthenticated sources.
  • The page redirects to the third unsafe page.
  • The presence of advertising.

How to fix the “spoofed site ahead”?

Fix for WordPress site:

  • Back up your WP asset. Download any security plugin and go through a scan to check for any threats or malicious codes.
  • Paste all links to the portal (https: // URL).
  • Open the toolbar “Google -> View -> Developer Console -> JavaScript”.
  • Check if any code is causing the problem.
  • Avoid using low quality third party ads and scripts.

For other CMS sites:

  • If you’ve created a resource from scratch, open the aw snap tool to look for malicious code.
  • Try any of the online tools to perform an in-depth virus scan and then fix the problem.
  • Avoid using low quality third party script ads.

If there is no problem with the service, please report it to Google via a “detection problem”.

If you are a website user

  • As a permanent fix for the warning message, disable Safe Browsing in Chrome settings. To do this, go to: Settings → Show advanced settings → Uncheck “Protect you and your device from dangerous sites.”
  • The malicious code is redirected from the resource immediately after being visited. Quickly close the unwanted tab tab.
  • Take advantage of the AdBlock extension in Chrome, it blocks any deceptive messages from third parties.
  • The browser provides options to block JavaScript codes if you think they are causing problems.

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