How to choose the right gaming mouse?

Every video game lover dreams of having full comfort during their gaming sessions. Apart from a good computer adapted to your favorite activity, there are of course other elements that make you forget the time spent at player. This is the case with the mouse. When it is adequate, it makes you have a good time watching your favorite video game. Here are some tips for choosing the right gaming mouse.

Choose a gaming mouse that suits your tastes

Above all, the gaming mouse you choose for your video game must please you. There are different designs on the market, with perfect performance that will fascinate you. They also come in different colors and shapes. The best for you would be to opt for comfort. You will certainly spend hours using your mouse, it must be adapted to you.

The size of your hand is important. If you have a small hand, it would be inappropriate to choose a large mouse. The manufacturers have also thought of left-handers and right-handers. On the market, you will see ambidextrous mice, suitable for both left-handed and right-handed people. In any case, prefer a gaming mouse that will offer you optimal game quality.

Should you choose a wired mouse?

A mouse may please you without being adapted to your type of video game. You will see wired and wireless mice on the market, but which should you choose for comfort? Fortunately these two types of mouse are equivalent. So, rest assured your preference is always in order.

However, remember that wireless mice work with a battery. It is then necessary to control the load before you start at the risk of finding yourself without a mouse in the middle of your game.

Importance of the sensor and good resolution

Resolutions aren’t just for computers or screens in general. We judge the performance of gaming mice according to their resolution, often expressed in dots per inch ( DPI ) or DPI for the English. A mouse with higher resolution will be faster and more accurate. It is identified according to the number of pixels explored by the mouse. On the market, you will certainly find mice with good resolution ( 12000 DPI ).

If you feel that this figure is already high enough for the precision you are looking for, you can opt for a mouse that has a resolution of 6400 DPI.

In addition, gaming mice have either an optical sensor or a laser sensor. Optical mice have an LED bulb that illuminates. They have a lens that reads the images in order to transmit them to your computer’s processor.

As far as laser sensor mice are concerned , instead of light, it sends a set of laser rays onto the surface of the mouse. They thus produce clearer shots and a more precise and fluid movement. It is advisable to choose a mouse with a laser sensor for your video games in order to live a new experience.

Take into account the number of keys for an ideal choice

The number of keys of the gaming mouse must be taken into account for an advantageous choice. Mice suitable for video games generally have more keys than a simple mouse for conventional use. The difference is that some gaming mice have more keys than others.

The number of keys is now part of the criteria for choosing gaming mice and therefore allows designers to sell better. A 12-key gaming mouse is a recommendable choice. Moreover, it would have to be personalized keys that attract players well.

The advantage with these types of mice is that you have the ability to use the keys to customize game actions on your computer.

Choose a good mouse shape that guarantees comfort

There’s nothing better than having a mouse shaped just right for you. Most gaming mice on the market come in a pretty handy shape. It allows you to rule out the problems of discomfort or tiring your muscles when you spend several hours in front of your game. You will see on the market a wide range of mice which can be entirely beneficial to you.


The most common shapes are ambidextrous and contoured. Choose an ambidextrous mouse if you are left-handed. This form adapts to all with an attractive design. If you are right-handed, the choice is free for you. A contoured mouse is more practical and guarantees you a perfect harmony between its shape, your fingers and your hand.

You must also take into account the weight of the gaming mouse in order to make a good choice. Take the time to understand the characteristics of your gaming mouse before buying it, it will avoid unpleasant surprises. To find the best wireless gaming mice , you have to be vigilant on certain points.

On the gaming mouse market, there are wired or wireless models. In the past, serious gamers tended to shy away from wireless mice because of lower performance. In particular, they could be blamed for unstable connection problems, and the use of a wireless mouse often generated a small detrimental latency, especially in FPS type games. Moreover, the autonomy was quite questionable. Most were battery-operated and failures during the game were recurrent.

Today, these problems are ancient history. The best wireless gaming mice use high-performance wireless technologies that suffer from zero latency and connection issues, such as Logitech’s Lightspeed technology. Proof of this is that many eSports professionals use wireless mice. Examples include Shox (CS:GO), Bjergsen (LoL) or Tucks (CS:GO).

The autonomy of wireless gaming mice is no longer really an issue, as they now have a built-in battery that is easily rechargeable via USB (and in this case the mouse remains usable). The absence of wires provides real freedom of movement, without hindrance, which is a real plus when playing. The only downside is that wireless mice are usually $50 more expensive than their wired counterparts.

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