A laptop or computer to play?

Having trouble choosing your gaming computer ? This is a big dilemma that most gamers find themselves in. Indeed, it is not easy to choose an ideal computer for video games with the many models that exist on the PC market. The guide below can help you choose between a laptop or desktop computer to play video games smoothly and comfortably .

A computer to play

gaming computer is a computer machine capable of satisfying the expectations or performance needs of gamers . This is a high-performance computer designed specifically to support video games. It must be able to allow games without bugs , without poor display quality and without slowdowns.

The gamer would thus like to benefit from good playability without jerkiness and fluid graphic rendering . He would also like to avoid overheating his computer as much as possible during his long gaming sessions . Indeed, overheating can affect the performance of the machine or cause it to crash.

The computer for gamer is therefore this computer tool designed to allow an extraordinary video game experience . There are two types of video game computers namely: laptops and desktop computers.

The laptop for gaming: what are its advantages and disadvantages?

The main advantage of a video game laptop is its  compact and lightweight appearance . It is indeed a big advantage for players who are used to traveling outside their homes to play. With this portable model , it would therefore be much easier for you to go everywhere and play from anywhere. Very compact , the laptop is easy to store. Your knees can be more than enough support to play your games .

The weak points of the gaming laptop are among others: its higher price, its shorter lifespan and its lack of power for very heavy video games . Indeed, if you want to have a machine that you can take wherever you want, know that mobility has a cost. Its comfort is also questionable. The portable model would be easier to remove from its owner due to its lightness and mobility . A laptop generally keeps for less time than a fixed computer, which can be upgraded .

The fixed computer to play: what are the strong and weak points?

Unlike the portable machine, the desktop computer is more imposing . It not only takes up more space , but it also requires an electrical outlet and a monitor to be able to turn it on. However, it should be noted that a fixed computer for gamer has the advantage of being scalable and more customizable (thanks to components ). Desktop gaming PCs allow you to adapt your original configuration to changing technology with simple, small changes. It is best suited for avid gamers , especially if they are keen on having builds as they become available.

One of the disadvantages of the desktop computer can be their higher repair cost . If this machine fails you, you will have little chance of being able to repair it at a lower cost. Similarly, some models emit noise that can disturb the concentration of the player during his games. Cooling this computer may also require large, often noisy fans . It should be noted that this model is very prone to overheating due to the more intense exploitation of its graphics card and processor .

It should be remembered that several important criteria must be evaluated when you want to choose between a laptop and a stationary to play your favorite video games. The first is mobile and smaller. While the second is more customizable and bigger. These elements of choice each have their advantages and their weaknesses. The choice therefore depends on your expectations.

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