How to breed horses in Minecraft

How to breed horses in Minecraft: Breeding horses will be easy for you if you can find carrots and have a decent supply of gold. Breeding horses is not too desirable, as their offspring will always have the average characteristics of a horse with two parents. Try to breed horses with near-perfect characteristics to ensure that each horse’s offspring are as fast and can jump as high. You can also breed a horse and a donkey to make a mule. There are many things to consider when breeding horses.

How to breed horses in Minecraft

To breed horses in Minecraft, you need to tame both of them. You can tame a horse by simply right-clicking on it, and if it pushes you back, jump back up until it stops knocking you off your back. After they are both successfully tamed, keep them close to each other and feed them both golden carrots.

Necessary materials for breeding horses

  • 2 golden apples or 2 golden carrots
  • 2 adult horses

The list of necessary materials for breeding horses is quite small. You just need two horses and either 2 golden apples, or 2 golden carrots, or one of each. Since golden apples provide buffs, you should keep golden apples for yourself and use golden carrots. Not to mention, golden carrots only require gold nuggets instead of the much more expensive gold bars. To find carrots, you need to find a village or wait patiently until it drops from zombies.

Necessary Steps for Breeding Horses in Minecraft

First, let’s gather some carrots to breed horses. Search nearby villages or kill lots of zombies to find your carrot. If you only have a small amount, remember that you can easily plow the ground and grow more carrots if needed.

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Collect your carrots and start collecting some gold. Mining below level “Y” 31 to find gold ore. If you are near the badlands, you can also find a lot of gold ore near the surface. Regardless of your method, find some gold and start smelting it for your carrots.

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Once your ore has finished smelting, turn your ingots into nuggets by placing them in the crafting menu.

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You can now craft golden carrots. Place a golden carrot in the middle slot of your crafting menu and surround it with golden nuggets.

How to breed horses in Minecraft3

You will need two of these if you want to breed horses, so you will need at least 2 Carrots and 2 Gold Ingots to have enough. Now that you have your carrots, you can start breeding horses. If you’re having trouble finding horses, make sure you’re looking for Savannah or Plains biomes, as those are the only two biomes where horses naturally spawn.

To breed two horses, you need to tame them both. Taming a horse is very easy, just right click on it and if it pushes you back, jump back up until it stops knocking you off your back. After they are both successfully tamed, keep them close to each other and feed them both golden carrots. Try not to feed the same horse twice, as even if the horse is in love mode, you can still accidentally feed him extra without any benefit. After both horses have been fed golden carrots, you will end up with a small foal.

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This is all you need to breed horses.

Things to do with horses

If you have collected any saddles, you can tie them to your horse so you can ride them anywhere. They will still wander aimlessly, so try to keep an eye on them or the leash tied to you so they don’t get lost or stuck in the hole. To put a saddle on a horse, jump on its back and open your inventory, there will be a place for a saddle and a set of armor for the horse.

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You can also crossbreed horses with donkeys to get mules. Mules can be ridden across your lands just like regular horses, but they have the added benefit of holding a chest. Breeding a horse and a donkey is identical to just breeding horses, keep a horse and a donkey side by side and feed them both golden carrots to make a mule.

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You cannot breed mules. If you have offspring of a horse and a donkey, the resulting mule cannot be crossed with any mules, horses or donkeys. You can make a mule hold a chest by right-clicking a mule with a chest selected in the hotbar.

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If you want your horse to move incredibly fast and jump as high as possible, your best bet is to find a horse in the wild with the stats you want. Breeding two horses often results in a slower horse or a horse that cannot jump as high. This is due to the formula of the game mechanics, according to which the average value of the statistics of both parent horses is taken. Unless both parent horses are near perfect in their characteristics, the offspring probably won’t be as fast or be able to jump as high.

Video guide

Is it possible to breed tamed horses in Minecraft?

You can only breed tamed horses in Minecraft. While you can feed golden apples or carrots to a wild horse, this does not cause the horse to go into love mode. Only if the horse is tamed can you breed horses. This also applies to donkeys. To tame a horse, simply right-click to start riding the horse and keep trying until the horse stops pushing you away.

How to know if a horse is fast in Minecraft?

Minecraft doesn’t have a stat counter that can tell you if horses are fast. Ride yourself to know for sure. Your player character’s walking speed is about 4.32 blocks per second, and the slowest horse can only move 4.74, which is slower than the character’s running speed. The fastest horse can reach a height of 14.23 blocks per second. The game won’t tell you the total number of blocks moved per second, so just pick a horse that feels fast.


Congratulations, now you know how to breed horses. Getting a horse with perfect stats can be tricky, but if you manage to get two horses with near top speed, almost every one of their offspring will also have near top speed. Don’t forget to tame the donkey as well, as the mule offers the same benefits as a horse, but can also carry inventory for you.

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