How not to charge a smartphone – 5 main mistakes

Certain habits of users while charging their phones can have a detrimental effect on the battery of the device. We will tell you how you cannot charge a smartphone, and what can harm it.

Place your phone under the pillow while charging

Severe overheating is the main enemy of a mobile battery. The higher the temperature, the faster the phone battery will wear out. Many people are accustomed to leaving the device on the charger overnight, hiding it under the pillow in order, for example, to quickly turn off the alarm in the morning or not to miss an important call.

It is worth clarifying right away: you can leave the phone to charge overnight. Modern lithium-ion batteries handle this easily. When the phone is charged to 100%, charging will automatically stop without damaging the battery. However, the phone usually gets warm during this process. If you leave it under the pillow, the device will not be able to cool naturally, which means that the heating will be even higher. As a result, this habit will only increase battery wear.

Use cheap chargers from unknown manufacturers

The condition of the battery also depends to a large extent on the charger used by the owner. Ideally, it should be original and suitable for a specific phone model. However, nothing terrible will happen if you use another memory from a trusted manufacturer. The main thing is that it is suitable for the technical characteristics.

It’s another matter if the charger was bought at the nearest stall for a couple of hundred rubles or even less. Such a device is unlikely to be of high quality, which means that the consequences of its use are difficult to predict. It is important to understand that the cost of a reliable charger cannot be lower than 500-800 rubles. In addition, when buying, it is advisable to determine the manufacturer and familiarize yourself with the reviews of other users about its products.

Use damaged or torn cables

Don’t skimp on wires to charge your phone. If they become unusable, they must be replaced. Otherwise, the likelihood of negative consequences is high. Moreover, the most harmless of them are that the phone will charge slowly or will not be able to replenish energy at all. But it will not always be possible to get off with just this.

Damaged or broken wires can heat up, catch fire, cause a fire, or shock a person if they touch a defective cable.

Complete discharge of the phone

Many experts advise not to allow a full discharge of the smartphone battery. Despite the presence of a controller, such situations can still potentially negatively affect the battery. It is also highly undesirable to keep the phone completely discharged for a long time.

Actively use the phone while charging

As stated above, overheating your phone negatively affects battery health. And since the device heats up by itself during charging, it is highly discouraged to further increase its temperature. Therefore, it is advisable to postpone the launch of “heavy” mobile games or similar applications that load the processor until the phone is fully charged.

Also, active use of the phone while charging can create “mini-cycles”, during which parts of the battery constantly cycle and wear out faster than the rest of the battery.


Of course, all the actions that lead to faster battery wear may not make sense for people who change their phone every 1-2 years. In this case, even with incorrect charging, the battery will not have time to fail. But the rest of the points, such as the use of low-quality memory or faulty wires, remain relevant for everyone.

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