How does Fortnite play on PC?

If you are a fan of video games, then you have probably heard of the game Fortnite. It is a game that is all the rage, it has great popularity and interests young and old alike. Playing Fortnite on PC can be even more interesting, if the latter is a powerful PC Gamer.

How does Fortnite play on PC?

Originally Fortnite is a free video game , it appeared in 2017, and was developed by the Epic Games studio . It can now be played on almost all platforms, consoles like PS4 or XBOX, or on PC, Mac or IOS. This game is also available on Android, you can download it from Epic Games online site. Regarding the principle of the game, there are two modes:

  • Save The Word;
  • Battle Royale.

For Save The Word , it was the main mode originally, and now it’s actually four players who play together cooperatively in order to survive in a world full of zombies. Regarding the second mode which is Battle Royale, it became the most popular mode, it was inspired by the game PUBG, so it’s 100 players who must compete in an island, they kill each other and in the end there are only 1 one or a small group of 4 or 2 players. Fortnite is also a construction game, the player can collect materials, pickaxes and use them to protect themselves from others. Weapons, heals, and shields are placed all over the island each game, as players start with a pickaxe and then collect weapons in order to fight and survive. And it’s the last one remaining who is the big winner.

How can we play Fortnite in the most optimal way?

In 2018 Epic Games announced that the game had 125 million registered players across the various platforms. It is currently the most popular game, maybe not the most played but the best known. On platforms where players can film themselves playing and then publish their game, and although Fortnite is the most watched game, videos related to the game become popular very quickly and collect a large number of viewers. In addition, we don’t really know the average age of Fortnite players, but generally when the microphones are plugged in, we hear mostly teenagers or even children.

To be able to play Fortnite it is important to have an excellent PC Gamer, the processor must be suitable for heavy games, with an extremely powerful graphics card , and a powerful RAM, without these characteristics the game becomes slow and much less fluid. Playing with a PC also means having a keyboard and a mousesuitable, especially for managing combat and constructions at the same time, unlike a controller, the mouse gives you a lot of precision. With an iPhone or iPad, the game is quite complicated, not only the screen is small, but also the touch screen offers less precision with a not very successful game, it could just help you to dive into the universe of Fortnite and having fun, but probably not to win, it’s the same for the Nintendo Switch, you can have fun and have a good time nothing else. The only option to be among the best is PC Gamers.

Why is Fortnite so popular?

Before the Fortnite game, several games in the same style were common and also very popular, but Fortinte has experienced impressive popularity , this success is related to several factors including:

  • Possibilities to play it on different platforms;
  • The games are not very long;
  • Ability to replay right after losing;
  • All players start the game with the same tools;
  • The design is very colorful and cheerful.

Indeed, the game Fortnite also owes its popularity thanks to the celebrities who have put it forward, footballers are part of it with their special dances inspired by the game when they score a goal. But it is above all its performance and quality that makes it the game of the century.

Finally, if you want to play Fortine and excel, opt for a high-performance PC Gamer, in order to savor all aspects of the game, and enjoy it 100%. Having a keyboard and a mouse could be a great asset to be as precise as possible and to perform at the height of the game.

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