PC virtual reality headset: The best VR device

For more than a year now, the whole world has been facing an endless health crisis. The reality of the world we used to live in is no longer what it used to be. But thanks to multiple technical and computer advances, today more than ever virtual reality is on the rise. Due to the pandemic, VR headsets offer you the opportunity to live a virtual experience in an artificially generated world. Do you want to give it a try and live this adventure at home? Here is everything you need to know about a virtual reality headset for pc.

PC virtual reality headset: what is it?

Virtual reality has become considerably more popular in recent years. Today present in many areas, mainly gaming but also in the health, artistic and many other sectors. It is a computer technology that simulates the physical presence of a person in an artificial world generated by programs. It highlights the five senses namely smell, taste, sight, hearing and touch and allows an immersion close to reality. In other words it is a simulated reality. The first concept of virtual reality dates back more than 50 years. in 1962, a filmmaker named Morton Heiling filed his first patent for his sensorama machine. A machine with multisensory immersive technology. This invention described the concept of virtual reality from a mechanical point of view which then evolved to be computerized. Indeed a few years later, the first computerized VR devices appeared, in particular the virtual reality helmet.

The first virtual reality headset was invented in 1990 thanks to the progress made in the field by NASA. Particularly popular with gamers, it is a computer device worn on the head and which allows you to immerse yourself in an artificial world. Also called head- mounted display, a VR headset is equipment that displays an image of a digital virtual world in front of the eyes.

Pc virtual reality headset: how does it work?

Even if it implements very complex technologies, the use of a VR headset is simple and accessible to all categories. Contrary to popular belief, users may not watch a flat screen in an environment artificially generated by software. This equipment is a kind of mask that encompasses your field of vision to scroll through a multitude of images in 3D vision . The stereoscopic screen will reproduce a perception in relief from two flat images observed simultaneously and separately by each eye. In other words, to simulate the depth of the images they are displayed at a slightly different angle.

Motion simulation relies on sensors like the accelerometer, gyroscope, and magnetometer . The accelerometer measures speed and acceleration in three dimensions. The gyroscope is a kind of spinning top which causes the precession of the object in rotary motion. As for the magnetometer, it makes it possible to determine the position of the helmet. It is all these sensors that allow the display of virtual content to be adapted according to head movements.

To play video games on PC with your VR headset, first connect your device to your computer. The sharing of virtual content on the screen of your pc is done according to the model of the helmet as well as that of your computer. If you want to share your gaming sessions in 360° , you can take a video capture and then move on to editing. Multiple software offers the possibility of editing this type of flow.

How to choose your virtual reality headset for pc?

VR headsets for PC are the best in virtual reality. Although the market is relatively recent, this type of equipment presents an ability to exploit very successful simulated content.

In order to fully live your multisensory experience, choose your equipment carefully before buying it. Although there is no real universal VR headset, choosing the right device for your pc depends on certain parameters:

  • Accounting;
  • The quality of the display;
  • The accessories;
  • Motion tracking system;
  • Reactivity;
  • Comfort;
  • Weight and ergonomics.

Before looking at the design or the technical performance of the device, you must first check its compatibility with your pc. Indeed, it is important to choose a VR headset adapted to your computer beforehand.

Image resolution is an important factor. Crucial for a successful simulated reality experience, the display quality mainly depends on the type of screen panel and its definition. Choose a type that combines both the depth of black in nocturnal environments , high contrast and good brightness.

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