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Google Earth online is a Google service that displays satellite images of our planet, maps, terrain in 3D mode, working on the Internet. This educational project allows users to see the planet through satellite photos and, in some cases, aerial photographs of the earth’s surface.

Some regions are depicted in very high resolution detail. Basically, this applies to the most populated areas of our planet.

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Google Earth online is a digital globe assembled from individual photographs into a single whole, in which the entire surface of the globe is collected. The globe is presented in the form of a single image with different details, depending on the shooting location: the habitable corners of our planet are most fully represented.

Photos of the earth’s surface are constantly updated. The images were taken from a great distance to the Earth’s surface. When you zoom in, you can see various details in many pictures: individual houses, cars, ships, trees, etc.

The service has three versions: Google Earth on the web, Google Earth for mobile devices, Google Earth Pro for desktop. The app for iOS and Android is available from their respective stores to download and install on your device. I have already written about the PC program on my website.

In this article, we will consider the operation of the Planet Earth service online. When using the service, you do not need to install the Google Earth Pro program on your computer.

Google Earth online for free

The Google Earth online service works in real time, receiving data from remote servers. For satisfactory operation of the service, you must have a high-speed Internet connection. The pictures were taken in Google Earth from a satellite, this is a large amount of data that needs to be transmitted to the user.

The Google Earth Web service runs in a browser. Supported browsers are Google Chrome, Opera, Mozilla Firefox. Accordingly, the Planet Earth service from a satellite can be used in numerous clones of the above browsers: Yandex Browser, Microsoft Edge (Chromium), Vivaldi and other Internet browsers.

Go to the official Google Earth Web site to open the service right in your browser window.

After entering the site page, click on the “Start Planet Earth” button.

Check out 5 recommendations about the capabilities and operation of the map service:

  • Use the search – specify the destination.
  • Use hints – find local attractions and learn more about them.
  • View the world from all sides – the world map can be rotated in different directions with the mouse and the “Shift” key.
  • Use the “Explorer” function to choose where to go.
  • “I’m Feeling Lucky!” Feature will send you anywhere in the world.

Immediately after launch, by default, the service shows our planet Earth against the background of starry space.

Google Earth settings online

A globe rotates in the center of the web page, and controls are located at the edges of the screen.

In the left column there is a button “Menu”, with which you can manage the parameters of the service. Here you can choose the style of the map, whether to show photos of objects taken on the map, show a grid of meridians and parallels, or 3D buildings.

From the menu go to settings. Here you can change the mode of operation of the online service: enable animation, adjust the animation speed, move method, set display settings, select the format and units of measurement, clear the search history.

Below the menu are the buttons:

  • Search – search for places on the planet for fast travel.
  • Explorer – a mode that allows you to see volcanoes, 3D panoramas, see interesting places on our planet.
  • I’m lucky! — moving to a random place on the Earth map.
  • Projects — create your own project.
  • Distance and area measurement – measurement on the map of distances between objects and an arbitrary area.

Now we will look at ways to manage the service.

In the lower left corner there are two buttons: for adding your marks to the map and for drawing shapes. In the lower right corner, there are buttons for moving and setting the display:

  • The large globe button is used to navigate to the view from space.
  • Button to go to my location.
  • Button to turn on the street view mode.
  • Button to change the viewing angle: 2D or 3D.
  • Button to switch to the default view.
  • Buttons to increase or decrease the display scale.

Google Earth watch online

Now I will show you how to use Google Earth online to look at our planet in various modes.

Type in the search the place you want to see. Alternatively, zoom in on the location on the globe yourself by zooming in on the satellite imagery, using the zoom in or zoom out buttons, or using the mouse wheel.

You can observe the surface of the earth from above in the usual way. For example, the surroundings of Niagara Falls are displayed here.

Or switch the viewing angle to 3D mode. Press the “Shift” key and use the mouse to move the display of the selected place in the desired direction.

Buildings and other objects in three-dimensional form are well displayed in the United States and Western Europe. On the territory of Russia, only the terrain is shown in volume.

You can look at photographs of objects marked on the map, get background information about them on a separate page or on Wikipedia. Look at the clues for other popular places.

The Planet Earth Online project helps users get information about various places on the planet, provides assistance for educational purposes, and broadens the horizons of users.

Article Conclusions

Google Earth Online is a service on the Internet that allows you to receive satellite images of all areas of our planet in a browser, without using an application on a computer. Some areas have a high display detail, there is a 3D viewing angle, animation is used.

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