GigaBash release date: August 5, 2022

Publisher: Passion Republic Games

Developer: Passion Republic Games

Genre: Fighting  Action

Game Mode: PvP (Online)  PvP (Public Screen)  Single Player

Game engine: Unreal Engine 4

Language: Russian (subtitles) English (subtitles)

Platform: PS4

Average internet rating: 67

Other platforms:

  • PS5
  • Xbox one
  • PC (PC)
  • Xbox SX

Description of the game GigaBash

GigaBash is an action fighting game from Passion Republic Games. After centuries spent in the bowels of the Earth, terrible creatures have awakened, known as the Titans (Titan). And now they have to fight with humanity (and each other) for complete world domination. Here we can play as a raging Titan or as a mechanical hunter for them, calling lightning from the sky, brandishing a radio tower like a club or rolling the entire area (along with the enemies in it) like a huge snowball. After wreaking enough havoc, we will take on our final form and move into the terrifying, titanic S-Class.

GigaBash Trailer

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