Giant project from China: Artificial Moon

In this period of increasing lunar projects, an interesting project news came from China. The project will play an important role in preparing for lunar operations.

Recently, China has come before the world with great developments in technology, science and space. China, which sheds light on the obscurity of human beings with space, has been on the agenda with its statements about the ” Artificial Sun ” recently . However, they made a name for themselves with another surprising development.

Project will prepare astronauts for lunar exploration

Recently, attention all over the world has focused on the journey to the Moon. For this, work on giant projects continues to be carried out strictly. China Mining and Technology University has made an invention that will facilitate the hand of space companies in line with this purpose. The University succeeded in constructing an “Artificial Moon” environment on Earth.

Li Ruilin, the chief scientist of the project, which is a first in the world, said the following on the subject.

The program is the first of its kind in the world. We’re taking the Moon simulation to a whole new level as we can reduce the gravity in the environment as much as we want. Some experiments in the simulated environment can give us important clues as to where to look for the water below the surface.

According to Chinese scientists, the project will help prepare astronauts for future exploration of the Moon. The project was done in Xuzhou, Jiangsu province of China. As Ruilin mentioned in his explanations, the simulation was designed to eliminate gravity. It is stated that the idea of ​​creation of the simulation, which resembles a vacuum with a diameter of 60 centimeters, was inspired by Andre Geim’s experiments in levitating a frog with a magnet.

So how does the “Artificial Moon” work?

The artificial Moon was first placed inside an air-free vacuum chamber. In addition, the room was designed in a way that resembles Moon soil and Moon stones. Powerful magnets create an adjustable magnetic field inside the chamber that ‘lifts’ the small chamber. Thus, Gravity can be adjusted to the desired level.

Although the project is suitable for astronauts who will travel to the Moon, it will not be used for this purpose alone. In the next 10 years, many giant organizations have big projects on the Moon. The project can be used in feasibility studies for Moon mining as well as it will play an important role in preventing costly miscalculations on the satellite.

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