Crypto payment move from small businesses!

A survey was held to measure the value in the eyes of businesses of the crypto money world, which affects the whole world. Here are the details…

Cryptocurrency wind continues to show its effect by increasing all over the world. In this period, where the number of audiences it addresses is increasing day by day, both giant companies and small businesses are looking for various ways to be active in this market. Cryptocurrencies, which were not valid in the eyes of many people a few years ago, have begun to be accepted by a considerable number of institutions today.

A quarter of small businesses will offer crypto payments

Visa recently conducted a survey in 9 countries. The survey was conducted to showcase the progress of the cryptocurrency world in the eyes of businesses in 2022. According to these results, a quarter of small businesses plan to accept cryptocurrency payments this year.

The survey was conducted with 2250 small business owners in nine countries, including countries such as the United States, Brazil, Singapore, Canada, Germany and Russia. In addition, consumer opinions were also included in the survey. 500 adult consumers from eight of these nine countries and 1,000 from the United States were included in the survey.

The consumer survey also supports a similar view. Accordingly, 13 percent of consumers are looking forward to retail stores offering crypto payments this year and beyond. “I think more people feel more secure about crypto,” Jeni Mundy , Visa’s head of global merchant sales and purchasing, said in an interview.

But there is also a large majority that does not agree with this view. The common idea of ​​businesses that will not accept cryptocurrency payments is that there are frequent value fluctuations in the stock market. Therefore, they think that it is too early for this type of payment to be used in exchange for goods and services.

During its research, Visa found that more than 30 percent of small businesses in the United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong, Singapore and Brazil plan to offer customers the option to pay using crypto in the coming months. Three-quarters of all businesses surveyed said they will someday have to switch to this payment type, as it is “basic” for their business growth.

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